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Uptime Alerts


Uptime alerts allow you to receive email notifications when an endpoint has been offline for more than X minutes. It also allows you to set up alerts when it comes back online. Uptime alerts can be set up only for an endpoint group (not for an individual endpoint).

To configure an uptime alert rule:

  • Place the endpoints you want to monitor into an endpoint group.
  • Click Group Settings at the top right corner of the group view.
  • Specify the number of minutes for offline alerts. It’s recommended to set it to at least 5 minutes to suppress false alerts during planned reboots.
  • Optionally enable online alerts to be notified when the endpoints come back online after being offline.
  • Add one or more users to be notified about these events.

NOTE: The offline alerts will not be sent for endpoints that are already offline at the time the offline alert settings are enabled.

Uptime alerts settings