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ACSC Essential Eight Compliance Software

For Work-From-Anywhere Enterprises

^ Automate Windows OS and application patching  
^ Patch custom and proprietary applications
^ Update onsite and remote endpoints 
^ Maintain up-to-date software inventory  
^ Deploy security software and manage security configurations remotely 

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Enable Efficient and Reliable Patching

As part of essential mitigation strategies to prevent malware delivery and execution and to limit the extent of cyber security incidents, Action1 enables you to implement a reliable patch management process, no matter where your endpoints are located. As the process becomes highly automated with Action1, you save time and maintenance costs to keep your systems and applications constantly updated while ensuring higher levels of protection and closing the opportunity windows for attackers. 

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Patch operating systems

Keep Windows OS consistently patched on all your workstations and servers, even if they are not on a corporate network, disconnected from a company VPN, not joined to a domain, or offline. 

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Patch applications

Automatically update most common applications, tested and curated by Action1. Upload new versions of your custom and proprietary applications and update them from the same console. 


Identify missing patches

Never miss a critical or security patch. Find out what updates are available for Windows OS and third-party applications but missing from your endpoints to patch your systems and apps as soon as updates are available.

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Automate patching

Prioritize patches by severity, test them on a testing system, approve patches for deployment, stage their delivery by endpoint group or schedule it outside business hours to minimize downtime. 

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Verify patching results

Confirm in real time that patches have been successfully installed without having to check each endpoint manually. Get reports on installed updates and patching history to prove your compliance when needed.

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Automate software inventory

Get real-time insights into installed software, including its versions and other key details. Identify unauthorized, unpatched, and unsupported apps and extensions for prompt remediation. 

Meet Other ACSC Requirements 

In addition to patching operating systems and applications, Action1 can assist you with some other mitigation strategies recommended by ACSC. 

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Harden user applications

Verify that only authorized user applications are in use, including web browsers, cloud storage, and instant messengers. Discover unauthorized applications and automate their removal. 

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Harden operating systems

Disable unneeded functionality, such as RDP, AutoRun, SMB, and manage other OS configurations using scripts that can be run from a single location on any number of endpoints.  

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Disable local administrative accounts

Automatically disable local admin accounts on all endpoints. Get real-time alerts on changes to local admin accounts and set up an automated response to such events. 

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Deploy security software

Automate the deployment of security solutions, such as firewalls, anti-malware, and host-based intrusion detection and prevention systems, and stay on top of unauthorized removals with real-time alerts.

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Control removable media

Remotely disable USB storage devices with a ready-to-use script available in the Action1 Script Library. Control the use of USB drives and SD cards with pre-built reports or build your custom reports and alerts. 

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Support application control

Gain visibility into applications installed on computers with detailed software inventory.  Monitor new application installations to detect and respond to unauthorized ones quickly, with real-time alerts. 

Security Is Our Priority 

Action1 not only helps organizations implement ACSC mitigation strategies but is also a secure solution itself.

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Security features

Action1 enforces two-factor authentication, provides role-based access and audit logs, and secures all connections with TLS 1.2 and AES-256.  

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Compliant solution

Action1 is compliant with the requirements of security standards and regulations, such as SOC 2, ISO/IEC 27001, and NIST SP 800-171.

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Secure remote access

Action1 saves you from poking extra holes in your firewall configuration, such as opening an inbound port for remote access to endpoints. 

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Why customers choose Action1

Break free from VPN

Update and manage remote and onsite endpoints with Action1 cloud-native platform. No company network, domain, VPN or driving is required.

Reach offline devices

Automatically catch up on updates, software deployment and script execution tasks as soon as offline endpoints get back online.

Avoid bandwidth issues

Deliver application updates faster and ensure network availability for critical applications with P2P distribution capability.

Tame complexity

Get up and running and start getting value in one hour with a solution that is easy to deploy and just works. No legacy technology, clunky integrations, and feature overload.

Stay flexible

Implement patch management, endpoint security and monitoring requirements the way your organization needs, with granular, easily customizable policies.

See phenomenal ROI

Get your first 100 endpoints free of any charge, with no strings attached. Scale up at a simple, all-inclusive price without hidden costs or nickel-and-diming.

What Our Customers Say

With Action1, we are able to support, manage and patch our endpoints no matter where we are, via any device that has a browser. It is a brilliant product that helps us achieve all we wanted in a very cost-effective way.

Barry Carmichael

IT Support Manager, Tamborine Mountain College

With our previous tool, we were under constant risk, as 20% of our network was not being patched with security updates because they were off-site or not joined to our company domain. Action1 addresses this security gap by enabling us to establish a robust patch management program that covers 100% of our devices.

Joe Holder

IT Director, The Arthur Companies

We are audited for ISO 27001:2018, and patch management is one of the requirements. Thanks to Action1, we’ve set up patching policies that meet our organization’s needs. As a result, we update the whole infrastructure in minutes. We also leverage Action1 to monitor the state of our IT assets as required by ISO 27001:2018.

Andrei Pastiu

Security Engineer, Yonder