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Top 5 Free Cloud Apps

for work-from-anywhere workplaces with no VPN

100 endpoints free forever

automated patch management tool

1. Patch Management

Automatically patch all critical vulnerabilities or manually choose which updates to install and when. Keep your users secured from cyberattacks by timely deploying Windows updates and 100+ pre-tested 3rd party application patches on your managed endpoints. Implementing Action1 patch management solution remediates security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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remote desktop

2. Secure Remote Access

Remote assistance and unattended access to laptops and PCs of remote employees right from your web browser, from anywhere. Secure and compliant with modern data privacy standards.

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run powershell scripts - action1 free rmm tools

3. Endpoint Management

Utilize a ready-to-use library of scripts or create your own to securely manage remote computers without connecting to them or enabling remote PowerShell. Automate your routines via policies, remotely schedule and execute commands, and perform other maintenance actions on multiple endpoints. Create a centralized library of pre-approved remote commands and policies for your IT helpdesk.

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patch management software free action1

4. Software Deployment

Automate software deployment and management with deployment software from Action1. Deploy most popular third-party applications from a cloud-based Software Repository containing 180+ up-to-date and ready-to-deploy applications, or deploy your custom applications.

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it asset inventory

5. IT Asset Inventory

Automate asset inventory management for Windows workstations and servers, and gain accurate real-time insights into your managed software and hardware assets. Know what devices you have, how they are configured, who is using what software and what devices need an upgrade.

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