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^ Deploy patches tested by Action1 or your own
^ Remote desktop compliant with privacy laws
^ Real-time visibility: vulnerabilities and IT assets
^ 100 endpoints free without feature limits. No ads. Why Free?

Unlike many “free” products, Action1 is NOT a disguised free trial bait, and your data is never sold for ads. Every organization – small, large, MSP – gets 100 endpoints free, forever. Subscribe any time to cover beyond 100.

Who benefits and why?

  • Small: Grow big first. We’ll reap the growth benefits together later.
  • Large/MSP: Start small. Subscribe company-wide when needed.
  • Action1: Word-of-mouth displaces old RMMs and propels Action1 to the top.
  • Everyone: Feedback from free users builds the best RMM in the world.

$200 of value per month, no credit card required

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Core Features


Action1 RMM delivers a comprehensive suite of remote management functionality in a single cloud-based platform. With Action1 cloud RMM software, internal IT teams and MSPs can efficiently support the modern in-office, remote, or hybrid workforce from virtually anywhere in the world.

patch management tool action1

Patch Management

Automatically deploy Windows and third-party patches and detect missing updates to streamline maintenance and enhance security across all workstations and servers.

cloud software deployment tools windows

Software Deployment

Manage software distribution and schedule rollout of updates centrally. Optimize distribution with a built-in cloud app store and software inventory tools.


remote assistance remote desktop solution action1

Remote Desktop

Troubleshoot issues and support remote users right from your web browser — without any additional integrations, client software, firewalls, or VPNs.

it asset inventory action1

Real-Time Visibility

Gain complete visibility into vulnerabilities, software, and hardware assets. Receive alerts, run custom or predefined reports on available updates, processes, and configurations.

unattended access action1 rmm

Unattended Access

Perform maintenance and manage applications on remote devices, even when the user is unavailable without using 3rd party solutions.

endpoint configuration management action1 rmm

Endpoint Management

Run commands, custom scripts, PowerShell scripts, reboot computers and restart services remotely directly from Action1 app.

it reports compliance and alerts

Strong Security

Be sure your data is safe — we employ the latest data protection technologies and are compliant with security regulations.

API integrations action1


Supercharge IT team efficiency by securely integrating Action1 RMM with your custom applications and third-party solutions.

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What Experts Say

techradar.pro logo

A comprehensive cloud-based endpoint manager with a stack of powerful features, any one of which could justify installing the service all on its own. If you’re responsible for a bunch of remote PCs, go check it out immediately.

4sysops logo
The new features added to the Action1 platform are compelling and help to round out the overall solution it offers. Managing Windows updates and third-party software patching can be challenging, even for on-premises solutions. Action1 delivers a much-needed set of features for businesses struggling to meet the challenge of maintaining remote endpoints and continues to grow more powerful with each new iteration.
analytics insight logo
Action1 pushes the last frontier of cloud adoption away from where it is currently. Action’s patch management, secure remote management and other features are changing the way organizations approach their endpoint security management needs.
4sysops logo
Action1’s approach is novel, fast, and accurate. It has all the features one might need when it comes to remote administration and endpoint management. Installing Action1 was easy;it took me less than five minutes to get started. The ability to query in natural language makes Action1 incredibly intuitive—even for vague questions,you will get answers. Another feature I enjoyed was the real-time alerts that provide insights into the overall organization.

Why IT Pros Сhoose Action1 RMM Tool

Cloud-Native IT Management

Action1 is not just cloud-based; it’s cloud-native, so it takes full advantage of the distributed, scalable, and flexible nature of cloud technologies. Moreover, the platform includes all the functionality required to optimize remote endpoint management, so IT teams can maximize their efficiency while keeping users productive, promptly mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance.

scalable easy it management solution

Effortless Scalability

Expanding the set of managed endpoints requires no additional deployment, client installation, or maintenance. As a result, internal IT teams can quickly scale IT infrastructures to meet the needs of their remote, office-based, or hybrid workforce, and MSPs can expand their customer base without hesitations.

Regular Product Updates

Brand new sets of features and substantial product improvements are added with every service update that happens quarterly. Driven by vision and customers’ feedback, we continuously develop our product to meet the needs and expectations of our users. We value and appreciate when our users share ideas and wishes for Action1 RMM platform development and feature incorporation.

cloud remote monitoring and management software action1 rmm
action1 easy to use rmm software

Minimal Learning Curve

Built on a flexible cloud architecture, Action1 simple to implement, and expanding the managed endpoint network requires no additional deployment, client installation, or maintenance. The Action1 RMM tool set is so easy to master that new IT hires can become proficient in minutes or hours—instead of having to spend weeks in expensive training on multiple stand-alone products.

Affordable Licensing Options

No more battles over IT security budgets — our license structure is plain and simple. We do not resell third-party products or upsell platform features, so you will never be surprised by additional charges. US$2 per managed endpoint per month gets you the entire suite of Action1 RMM tools.

Get a free ride on us! Action1 RMM is free forever for up to 100 endpoints, with no functionality restrictions, ads, or hidden upsells.

free patch management software action1 rmm
free rmm action remote IT management

Cost Saving

Swapping out expensive legacy solutions for the lightweight Action1 cloud platform slashes both capital and operating expenses, including hardware purchases, maintenance, IT workload, and support staff mileage. Moreover, effective remote management maximizes business productivity while reducing the risk of costly security breaches and compliance violations

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What Our Clients Say

{ With Action1 RMM, we are able to support, manage and patch our endpoints no matter where we are, via any device that has a browser. It is a brilliant product that helps us achieve all we wanted in a very cost-effective way.

Barry Carmichael
System Administrator at Tamborine Mountain College

Endpoints Managed

{ With Action1 RMM, we were able to establish a robust patch management process in a few clicks. We appreciate that the platform is really easy to use and does not require advanced scripting skills to manage updates.

Joel Garcia
CEO at Cloud Contact AI

Endpoints Managed

{ Thanks to Action1 RMM, we have significantly improved our customer service, which has brought us increased customer loyalty.

Mario Domeniconi
Chief Technology Officer at Netability

Endpoints Managed

{ One of the elements that we especially appreciate in Action1 RMM is the power of scripting. By using advanced PowerShell scripts through the platform, we were able to fully automate our workstation build process — making it 9 times faster whilst increasing quality.

Jon Abbott
CEO at Priority One

Endpoints Managed

{ With Action1 RMM, we were able to solve a lot of problems that would keep me up at night. It has provided me with peace of mind, as I know that I’m able to quickly roll out updates to everybody’s computers to address critical vulnerabilities.

Jeremy Campbell
IT Manager at Seyer Industries

Endpoints Managed

{ Since everybody went remote and outdated or unpatched systems in endpoints became one of the major vectors for attacks, patch management had been giving me headaches. With Action1 RMM, I am sure that every critical update will be installed on time, without the risk of the user declining it, and I sleep well at night.

Joel Garcia
Chief Technology Officer at AllCode

Endpoints Managed