Control Your Endpointsin Real-Time

Endpoint Security Alerts, Assessments and Threat Response

Respond to Threatsin Real-Time

Ask questions in plain English such as "list of installed software" or "all running processes".
Get answers instantly from live systems or subscribe to real-time alerts.

  • Installed and Running Software

    “Which workstations have Dropbox installed or IIS running?”

    Real-time information on installed software, hotfixes, running services, startup programs and system drivers.

  • Network Activity and Settings

    “List of endpoints exposing file shares to ransomware”

    TCP/IP active connections, IP routing tables, adapter configuration, exposed and connected network shares, TCP/IP settings and other network information.

  • Windows Configuration

    “Show endpoints with remote registry service enabled”

    Detailed information on installed OS, event logs, environment variables, applied Group Policies and other windows configuration settings available to you instantly.

  • Local Users and Groups

    “List of workstations having Guest account enabled”

    Get list of local users, groups, group membership and logged in users at all your endpoints across the enterprise.

  • USB Devices and Removable Media

    “Who copies sensitive corporate data to external USB media?”

    USB storage media, SD readers and other USB devices usage on your workstations.

  • Runtime Information

    “Check if 'runsomware.exe' or 'putty.exe' processes are running on any of your endpoints”

    Running processes, CPU/memory utilization and other runtime information.

  • Files and Folders Search

    “Users storing sensitive files locally on unsecured laptops”

    Search for a specific file or folder across all endpoints.

  • Computer Hardware

    “Systems at risk because of outdated firmware”

    Processors, memory, baseboard and other computer hardware.

  • And More...

    Peripheral equipment, disks, partitions, volumes, running custom queries and more...

Hundrends of Organizations Worldwide Use Action1 Platform

Action1 gives us close-to-instant ability to undertstand what is happening accross our entire network of endpoints and helps us respond in real-time.

Credit Union in Ohio

Being able to understand which new software is being installed and where is critical for our network of several thousand employee workstations

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Our students love technology. But sometimes they break it too. Action1 allows us to understand all abnormal activities happening on college computers.

Community College in Texas