Control Your Endpointsin Real-Time


  • Assessment and Patching

    Ensure that your endpoints are configured and patched properly

  • Security Alerts

    Get instant notifications when your endpoints are compromised

  • Threat Response

    Run remediation actions on all your endpoints across the entire network

Action1 Customers

Respond to Threatsin Real-Time

Ask questions in plain English, such as "installed software" or "missing security patches".
Get answers instantly from live systems or receive real-time alerts. Run actions remotely.

Action1 Endpoint Security Platform

Achieve More With Our Integrations and RESTful API

Action1 provides RESTful API and integrates with the following systems so you can get most out of your deployment:

Action1 Integrations

Hundrends of Organizations Worldwide Use Action1 Platform

Credit Union in Ohio

Action1 gives us close-to-instant ability to undertstand what is happening across our entire network of endpoints and helps us respond in real-time.

Credit Union in Ohio

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Being able to understand which new software is being installed and where is critical for our network of several thousand employee workstations

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Community College in Texas

Our students love technology. But sometimes they break it too. Action1 allows us to understand all abnormal activities happening on college computers.

Community College in Texas