Action1 5 Documentation 5 Installed Updates and Reports

Installed Updates and Reports


The Installed Updates dashboard displays Windows KB and patches distributed to your managed computers and servers. On top of that, Action1 is shipped with reports that help you assess patch management routines and prove security compliance with highest precision. You can find them under Real-Time Reports & Alerts / Built-in Reports / Windows Updates.


  • The Missing Updates and Missing Critical Updates reports are similar to what you see on the Update Approval page but are focused on Windows updates only.
  • The Installed Updates report lists all Windows patches and KBs that have been installed. Expand details to see the update description, id, installation date, etc. You can use this report to prove compliance with security procedures.

  • The Hot fixes report highlights the most critical and urgent patches. 

  • The Reboot Required report helps you identify the endpoints awaiting a restart.
  • The Update Statistic report informs you when was the last time your managed endpoints were updated, while the Update History shows the history of Windows Update operations, including errors and successes. With the help of these reports, you can identify workstations that urgently need your attention and troubleshoot update delivery issues.

Learn when was the last time your endpoint received updates