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Free RMM. Forever.

First 100 endpoints are always free. No exceptions.

Cybersecurity should not be a luxury but a first necessity. Action1 makes it possible to enforce high IT security standards at zero cost. No matter big or small, any organization gets its first 100 endpoints for free.

Start reducing your cybersecurity risks and costs today:

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Honest Reasons Why

Providing 100 for free is a win-win for almost everyone. Competitors excluded.

Small business wins

It’s just not right to monetize on small businesses. It impedes their growth and adds transactional costs. Action1 wants small to grow big first and then reap the growth benefits together.

Large business/MSP wins

No-pressure adoption by larger organizations. Deploy on a smaller scope and use forever. Buy subscription when ready to expand company-wide.

Action1 wins

Word-of-mouth will soon displace all expensive outdated products and propel Action1 to the top. Happy free users spread the word quickly.

Everybody wins

Tons of feedback from free users help Action1’s team to build the best RMM in the world.

No Feature Limits

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Automate patch deployment

Scan your network for available updates then manually deploy updates or choose to automate patch distribution.

patch management cloud service action1

Manage software remotely

Deploy applications to multiple endpoints with no effort — store your EXE files on the Cloud AppStore for a quick and easy distribution.

patch management cloud service action1

Generate real-time reports

Automate report generation and configure alerts to have a complete picture of your endpoints’ processes and security at any given time.

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Utilize remote desktop

Access remote machines via a secure built-in remote desktop solution. Establish the connection even if the end-user device is unattended.

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Keep track of IT assets

Gain up-to-date visibility into the hardware and software assets across the managed organization.

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Run commands and scripts

Remotely execute commands, run apps, and run scripts on multiple endpoints without connecting to them or enabling remote PowerShell.

patch management cloud service action1

Optimize workflows

Integrate Action1 RMM with the tools you already using via RESTful API to streamline workflows and boost the team’s efficiency.

patch management cloud service action1

Keep data safe

At Action1 we prioritize strong security — we utilize modern data protection technologies and comply with security regulations.

Still Have Questions?

Is it really free?

There are no strings attached. Action1 is simply free for 100 endpoints:
^ Not a free trial bait.
^ No credit card required as long as you stay under 100.
^ Your information will never be sold to advertisers or anyone.
^ Got more than 100? Just pay for the excess number.
^ 50 endpoints minimum purchase.

What's the catch?

We understand your skepticism.

The proliferation of fake “free” products in the last decade gave Free a bad name. The vast majority of such “free” products are disguised as free trial baits. Many others are designed to sell customers’ information. “Free” Gmail and Spiceworks showing “relevant” ads are examples. If you use a product for free, then YOU are the product.

But NOT in the case of Action1. We won’t sell your data to advertisers. We count on your user feedback that helps us make our product better.

Is this unique?

Of course not. There are many other successful examples of companies that have done the same. Years ago, Dropbox entered their market with an excellent free service for small storage needs and based their success on the widespread adoption by millions of people. To date, Dropbox dominates the paid market, while still providing 2Gb of free storage. The founders envision Action1 leading the RMM market in 5 years, while still offering free 100 endpoints to every organization in the world.

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Industry Awards

g2 review
High Performer G2 Summer 2022


I was pleasantly surprised by all the features in the platform — nothing is held back just because we’re on the free plan. Even if we were to go above the current endpoint limit of the free plan, Action1 RMM would still be the most cost-effective option for us.
Nat Baker

Business Data Analyst, Crossroads of America Council

Action1 RMM empowers us to increase operational efficiency dramatically by streamlining our remote IT management. We were able to fully automate our workstation build process — making it 9 times faster whilst increasing quality.

Jon Abbott

Chief Executive Officer, Priority One

With Action1 RMM, I’m saving hours every week and bringing in better control and consistency across everything that we do. It was also very easy to deploy; I was able to quickly install it and ensure nothing was missed.

Chris Weis

Senior Systems Engineer, Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe