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Vulnerability Digest Webinar

Patch Tuesday review and updates from other software providers
Join this live webinar to learn:

^ Notable Patch Tuesday and third-party updates
^ Strategies to protect your systems from cyber threats
^ Actionable advice for endpoint patching
^ Tips on automating your patch management process

October 11 | 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST


Live Demonstration

Risk-based Patch Management with Action1
Learn how to cost-effectively streamline vulnerability remediation:

^ Automate vulnerability discovery and remediation workflows across Windows and 3rd party applications
^ Deploy any software package or script
^ Grab inventory, endpoint, and update information via reporting
^ Ensure continuous patch compliance

Every Wednesday | 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST


Action1 Beta First Look

Exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Action1 Platform release
Join this webinar to experience these NEW exciting features:

^ Vulnerability Management Enhancements
^ Single Sign-On Integration
^ Endpoint Group Enhancements
^ Custom Branding
^ Data Storage Location Choice
^ Updated Software Repository and more

October 4 | 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST


Recorded Webinars

Top 10 Patch Management Best Practices

Watch this video to discover:

^ How to simplify patching and avoid downtime
^ How patching can improve cybersecurity and user productivity
^ How to approach patch management in a few simple actionable steps
^ Top 10 patch management best practices


From Chaos to Compliance

Watch this recording to learn how to master your patch management strategy:

^ Key compliance frameworks (PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, CIS CSC, ACSC Essential Eight, GLBA/FFIEC)
^ Challenges organizations face in achieving compliance and why only 27.9% meet all PCI DSS requirements
^ Practical strategies and insights to help master patching and ensure compliance


Top 10 WORST Patch Management Practices

Watch this recording to learn:

^ The TOP worst patch management practices
^ Real-world examples and case studies illustrating the consequences of these worst practices
^ Tips on how to do patch management the RIGHT way


Watch Recorded Action1 Demo

Risk-based Patch Management with Action1

illustration demo webinar