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What is an Endpoint Protection Platform

We have never lived in a more threatening time across the board.  In the area of cybersecurity, there have never been more advanced attacks that are threatening your business.  Additionally, your organization like many others is most likely using a hybrid approach that spans between on-premises and the cloud. Continue reading “What is an Endpoint Protection Platform”

What Machine Learning Means for Endpoint Security in 2020

Cybersecurity threats are some of the most worrisome that are facing businesses today.  The risk of a cybersecurity event that leads to data leak or data loss is very real and the effects can be catastrophic.  Attackers today are making use of often very sophisticated tools and attack techniques. Continue reading “What Machine Learning Means for Endpoint Security in 2020”

5 Strategies to Improve Your IT Asset Management Software

With people across the world encouraged to stay at home to do their part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, many employees are currently working from home. Given the rise of remote workers, addressing security vulnerabilities and organizing software updates have become a top challenge for companies. 
Continue reading “5 Strategies to Improve Your IT Asset Management Software”

Windows Patch Management Best Practices

Security is one the most pressing topics on everyone’s mind these days, especially with the many threats that organizations are facing today.  This includes the threat of ransomware and other very malicious malware variants.  There are many basic security recommendations that can make the difference when it comes to protecting business-critical environments. Continue reading “Windows Patch Management Best Practices”

Cybersecurity Risks for Remote Workers

Many organizations are shifting their workforce to mainly remote workers who are able to carry out job functions from home.  Organizations are using various types of remote technologies to allow works to connect back to corporate resources or to cloud SaaS applications and/or datacenters. Continue reading “Cybersecurity Risks for Remote Workers”

What is IT Asset Management: Defining ITAM at Action1

IT asset management is not yet another buzzword but a real set of practices that can help your organization maximize the use of IT resources and avoid potential risks. Sounds interesting? This post will introduce you to IT asset management (ITAM) and help you navigate your way towards a tangible management strategy. Continue reading “What is IT Asset Management: Defining ITAM at Action1”

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