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All-in-one MSP Software

Patch management, remote access and remote management software for MSPs 

^ #1 cloud-native patch management
^ Built-in remote access 
^ Regular product updates and responsive support 
^ Secure and trusted: SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001:2022

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Streamline IT Management

Maximize your technicians’ efficiency and minimize downtime for your customers with an intuitive central MSP platform for patching, task automation, and remote access. The Action1 MSP solution provides everything you need to keep your clients’ environments healthy and secure. 

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Patch management system

Detect missing Windows and third-party patches across all the workstations and servers you manage, define patch management policies, schedule automatic deployment to maintain security and productivity.

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Software deployment tools

Install, uninstall software, and optimize software distribution for all your clients — deploy apps from the App store preloaded with commonly used applications or easily add any MSI or EXE files to the library.

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Real-time visibility

View and manage software inventory of your clients: see versions, volumes, available updates, security statuses and run compliance reports for effective vulnerability management.

Deliver Exceptional Remote Assistance

Impress your customers while minimizing expenses. Action1 software for MSPs enables you to effectively and efficiently support remote end-users without ever stepping foot on site.

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Assist end users remotely

Support your clients’ end users remotely and troubleshoot their issues faster from anywhere in the world. See all your managed endpoints at a glance and connect to them right away.

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Access remote servers

Perform system maintenance tasks on customers’ or your own servers remotely without painful VPN and RDP connections or having to drive to the server location.

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Maximize efficiency

With our built-in MSP remote access software, technicians don’t need to download and install a client, switch between consoles and exchange session codes with end users.

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Streamline remote monitoring and management

Drive profitable growth and efficiencies with Action1 Platform. Automate routine tasks, that are part of your managed IT services, and invest retained time into advising customers on their IT strategy.

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Deploy software applications

Install and remove third-party applications ad-hoc and en masse. Choose from a built-in App Store, preloaded with popular applications, or add your custom packages.

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Manage endpoints

Reboot remote computers and run PowerShell and CMD scripts across multiple managed endpoints at a time. Pick from pre-built scripts or add your custom ones for further use.

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Inventory IT assets

Get a real-time inventory of software and hardware assets on each client’s network. Stay on top of hardware and software changes with alerts to respond to incidents quickly.

Secure and compliant MSP software

Deliver better services without jeopardizing the security of your clients’ environments and customer data.

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Secure remote access

Action1 saves you from poking extra holes in your customers’ firewall configurations, such as opening an inbound port for remote sessions.

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Security features

Action1 enforces two-factor authentication, provides role-based-access and audit logs, and secures all connections with TLS 1.2 and AES-256.

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Compliant MSP tools

Action1 is compliant with the requirements of industry standards and regulations, such as SOC 2, ISO/IEC 27001 and HIPAA/HITECH.

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Increase your profit margins 

Delight customers with fast time to value and enjoy higher profit margins with the cloud-native Action1 platform, that comes at a flat all-inclusive price, and doesn’t burden you with the overhead costs of on-premise solutions. 

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Fully-featured Free Edition

Get started without any budgeting hassles. Simply sign up and use the Action1 MSP solution on up to 100 endpoints for free with no ads, feature or time limits.

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No surprises

Our pricing is plain and simple. We do not nickel-and-dime you for each feature or resell third-party products, so you will never be surprised by additional charges.

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Slash overhead costs

Get up and running and start delivering value quickly without the overhead of on-premises and cloud-based MSP solutions. Pay as you go, per endpoints you manage.

Feedback-Driven Product Updates

We strongly value customer product feedback and enhancement requests. In fact, much of our product development is based on real user feedback.

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Quarterly updates

We add new features and make substantial product improvements, based on the feedback of our users, every 3-4 months.

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Dynamic roadmap

Help Action1 prioritize feature development by submitting your suggestions and votes via our feedback tracking system.

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Swift customer support

Our customer success team attends to each client’s request with equal diligence and care.

What Our Customers Say

Action1 helped us save about 125 hours per month by automating patch management. That’s a huge enabler to our business; as an MSP, the more you automate, the more money you save, and the more savings you can pass on to your customers.

Ian Holub

CEO and Co-founder, Essential Tech Support

Action1 empowers us to increase operational efficiency dramatically by streamlining our remote IT management. We were able to fully automate our workstation build process — making it 9 times faster whilst increasing quality.

Jon Abbott

Chief Executive Officer, Priority One

Action1 empowers our technicians to do their job faster and better, ensuring best-in-class service for our customers. With Action1, I am confident that we can keep our customers’ remote devices properly updated and patched, troubleshoot any problem, and provide high-quality support.

Mario Domeniconi

Chief Technology Officer, Netability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a managed services provider (MSP)?

You’ve likely come across questions, such as “what is an MSP” or “what does MSP stand for. MSP stands for a managed service provider, which is a company that specializes in providing its predominantly IT services to other organizations. These managed IT services usually include remote monitoring and management, IT security, technical support and assistance, and the like. The larger the MSP, the wider the range of IT services they provide. 

What are MSP best practices?

^ Thoroughly audit and assess a client’s network 
^ Define outsourced managed IT services 
^ Develop an onboarding guideline 
^ Document your steps and tasks 
^ Implement management policies 
^ Automate patch management 
^ Make the most of an RMM platform 
^ Create backup policies 
^ Regularly carry out profit analysis 
^ Continuously look for ways to improve profitability 
^ Use RMM monetization practices 
^ Gradually scale your client base 

What is MSP software?

MSP software helps service providers deliver their managed service, such as secure client’s network, monitor and manage systems and devices, automate patch management, troubleshoot end-user problems. 

Taking care of customers’ software assets is one of the most important responsibilities on MSPs’ shoulders. However, with an efficient remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, many IT processes, including patch management, can be run on autopilot, making MSPs more efficient and enabling them to grow profitably. 

How can MSPs monetize on RMM?

Remote work, cloud-based management, and companies’ willingness to reduce labor costs let MSPs take center stage in offering managed IT services, the vast majority of which rests upon remote monitoring and management. Clearly, RMM monetization is one of the most effective ways to improve profitability for MSPs: 

^Expand your client base with no fear 
The balance between quality and quantity matters. Once you have a highly efficient RMM platform, you know what your client looks like. However, make sure you’re not trying to bite off more than you can chew. 

^Price your quality reasonably 
Your business growth deserves to be reflected in revenue growth. Enterprises value long-term relationships with MSPs as much as they value the stability of their business operations. If you serve them well, they are hardly keen on losing you as their MSP.

^Software as a Service 
MSP profit margins significantly increase when MSPs take advantage of white label RMM solutions. In a nutshell, bigger MSPs provide smaller MSPs with all the software required to provide services and carry out tasks for the clients of the latter.