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What is Action1 RMM

Action1 is a lightweight, scalable cloud endpoint management solution developed for enterprises and MSPs to proactively approach cybersecurity practices and increase IT productivity in remote work environments. Action1 is a cloud-based platform for remote monitoring and management — encompassing IT professionals’ toolset to manage endpoints, comply with security standards, and support remote end-users from anywhere in the world.

This solution includes the necessary features and tools for productive IT management, such as automated patch management, software deployment, remote desktop and access, IT asset inventory, network monitoring, and more.

What Makes Action1 Different

Unlike legacy, on-premise solutions, Action1 enables swift endpoint security assessment and allows enforcement of security compliance to endpoints instantly, reducing threat response times from days to minutes.

Investing in cloud remote management software will ease workload, IT resources, and related costs. Action1 enables organizations to swap expensive legacy solutions for the lightweight cloud environment — significantly cutting operational overhead such as maintenance resources, workload, mileage, and working hours.

Requiring no on-premise infrastructure or maintenance, organizations can quickly scale their IT infrastructures to working-from-home, remote, or office-based corporate environments and, without a doubt, reduce expenses to offset other business-related costs.

The Founders

Action1 was created and developed under the supervision of Alex Vovk and Mike Walters, the co-founders of Netwrix Corporation, which is well-known for its market-leading visibility platform for cybersecurity and risk mitigation.

After building Netwrix for almost 12 years from the ground up into a highly successful technology business and ensuring the successful transition of strategy to a new CEO, the founders Alex and Mike established Action1 Corporation to further extend into the hyper-growing cybersecurity ecosystem, catering expertise and tools to organizations globally.



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