Action1 5 Documentation 5 Dashboard


The Dashboard brings clarity and high-level insights into devices connected to your Action1 account. Leverage dashboards to get an overview of your managed infrastucture and assess your environment health state. Navigate to the Dashboard page and then double-click each widget entry to drill down to actions or discover more details.

  • Endpoint Patch Compliance Status highlights the number of endpoints that need your immediate attention such as endpoints missing critical security updates. 
  • Pending Update Approvals displays the number and the type of updates awaiting your review and enables you to plan your patch management tasks accordingly.
  • Endpoints Online displays statistics on your managed endpoints connectivity. The endpoints that have been offline or disconnected from Action1 for more than three days are more prone to security issues. 
  • Reboot Needed lists the number of endpoints pending a restart and helps you incorporate reboot operations in your workflows.
Dashboard page