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Action1 5 Documentation 5 SSO Authentication with Entra ID

SSO Authentication with Entra ID

To provide easy and secure access to Action1 console, Action1 enables users to log in using SSO instead of providing traditional user credentials. This explains how to configure SSO with Microsoft Entra ID (former Azure AD) as identity provider.

Enabling SSO with Entra ID for New Accounts

When you sign up for Action1, you are offered two options: create an Action1 account or use an existing account in your organization’s Entra ID (formerly Azure AD).

If you choose Entra ID at sign up, it automatically become your default identity provider for all subsequently invited Action1 users and no extra steps are needed. To invite your colleagues to use Action1,  select Invite in the Users section and specify the user’s Entra ID email.

Creating account

Enabling SSO with Entra ID for Existing Tenant

If you chose to create an Action1 account while signing up and then decide to use Entra ID, you have to follow the below steps to make the switch. 

  1. Login to Action1 using your Action1 credentials (do not click Microsoft Entra ID during login).
  2. Navigate to Advanced page and select Identity Provider.
  3. Specify Entra ID as identity provider. Keep the scope set to Enterprise.  With this setting changed, all new Action1 users will use Entra ID.

Migrating Existing Users to Entra ID SSO

Important: For the next steps, do not remove your last enterprise admin account, create a secondary enterprise admin or elevate another user to the enterprise admin role. Failure to do so could lead to admin account access being lost. Next steps will delete user accounts in order to switch to Entra ID, users will be unable to access Action1 until their user account migration is complete.

  1. Navigate to the Users page.
  2. Find the user account you want to switch to Entra ID and select Delete. Alternatively, set the user’s email to non-existant such as “[email protected]”. You might be unable to remove users that have roles assigned, make sure to revoke roles first.
  3. Invite the user again into Action1 by sending an invite link to their Entra ID email.