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Run PowerShell Scripts Remotely


With Action1, you can assist your colleagues remotely and run Powershell commands on multiple remote computers without connecting to them or enabling remote PowerShell technologies. Read this article to learn how to execute PowerShell scripts on remote machines with the help of Action1 RMM tools.

To run PowerShell script on a remote computer:

  1. Navigate to the Endpoints page.
  2. Locate one or several endpoints where you want to execute a script and select More Actions / Run PowerShell.

Alternatively, select the Actions icon next to the endpoint name and specify Run PowerShell. Or click New Action on top of the page and select Run PowerShell from the drop-down list.

To create a workflow that executes a PowerShell script on remote computers according to a preset schedule, select New Policy. For more information, see Staying Compliant with Policies.

Endpoints dashboard

Complete the wizard:

1. On the Run PowerShell step, enter the command. When running PowerShell scripts remotely with Action1, you can insert environmental variables if necessary and define exit codes.

Run PS script - step 1

2. On the Select Endpoints step, check the list of endpoints. Select Add Endpoints to include more endpoints. Action1 enables you to pick endpoints individually, or you can specify an entire endpoint group.

Run PS script - step 2

3. On the Schedule step, review your action and pick the right time to execute it. For example, you can force the script execution immediately or postpone it. Once ready, click Finish.

How to run a PowersSell script on remote server with Action1 - step 3

4. After clicking Finish, you’ll find yourself on the Actions / History page. Here you’ll see the execution details. If you opted-in to execute the action later, you can find it on the Actions / Schedules page.

How to run PowerShell script on remote computer with Action1 - the History page