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The following are the most common issues our users typically run into.

Installation: most frequently, installation errors are caused by running Action1 Connector or Agent installer without administrative rights. Make sure you launch action1_connector.exe and action1_agent.exe by runing both as administrator.

Deployment: make sure you monitor Deployment Log to understand the errors occuring during agent deployment and operation. If you do not understand certain error messages, feel free to contact our technical support and we will help you.
Deployment Log

Network connectivity: as noted in System Requirements, port 22543 needs to be open for outbound connections to You may need to configure your corporate firewall settings to enable this connectivity. Feel free to contact our technical support for help with network configuration.

Queries run too long or return no results: some queries, such as file and folder search, can take substantial time to complete (sometimes hours, depending on the number of files). You can refresh query results (without re-running it) to see the most recent results after a while.

Alerts are not generated: make sure you whitelist and email domain in your email settings. Also, to protect your inbox from overflowing, alerts will be suppressed if one alert rule generates more than 10 alerts per hour from one endpoint (and you will get notified in this case). Reconfigure the rules by adding additional filters to reduce alert triggering frequency.