Software Deployment Tools for Windows Systems

Action1’s software deployment solution for Windows helps maximize corporate IT efficiency by centralizing software and patch deployment on a cloud dashboard. Action1 RMM empowers you to:

Manage your software and patch deployment remotely, without VPN.
Define your own distribution configurations according to schedule, targeted groups, reboot preferences, and more.
Fully automate the updating and distribution of security patches, hotfixes, and software updates.
Demonstrate compliance with comprehensive reports on all the endpoints in your network.

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Advantages of Action1’s Window Software Deployment Manager 

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Update Distribution & Security Patch Management

Get a comprehensive inventory of your hardware and software, including details on operating system versions, date of installation, and more. Install Windows updates remotely, easily review what software needs to be updated, and monitor alerts on potential productivity issues and security risks.

Then promptly and silently deploy any missing software or patches to reduce helpdesk calls and user frustration. Identify when an endpoint has unwanted or dangerous software installed and let Action1’s remote Windows network software deployment manager remove it, easily and silentl

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Custom Deployment Configurations

Action1 RMM includes an enterprise-grade Windows network software deployment tool designed to simplify the distribution of patches, updates, and installations across networks of any size. Customize the configurations for your software distribution process across ten workstations — or ten thousand. Use our preloaded software packages or build custom software packages to suit your specific requirements.

When installing any software package, you can create a custom schedule, as well as define reboot preferences and other deployment rules. From concurrent deployment and scheduled group updates to forced updates, Action1’s Windows network software deployment tools give you comprehensive control of your software distribution and patch management processes.

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Centralized App Store

The Action1 automated software deployment solution for Windows has a central App Store preloaded with installers for the most popular software to streamline your software distribution process. Simply browse through the list of installation-ready apps to quickly deploy Skype, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and many other commonly used applications.

Using proprietary software or another application not listed? Just add it to your App Store and it will be available across your organization. You can even create multi-file software packages so you can easily onboard new staff. Our bandwidth-friendly peer-to-peer (P2P) software distribution systems also simplifies the rollout of entire software suites.

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Cloud-Based Dashboard

Get truly automated software deployment. No more relying on command-line tools like WMIC and PsExec — Action1’s Windows application deployment software enables you to manage your entire software deployment process from a cloud-based dashboard.

You can easily identify vulnerabilities by reviewing the available patches and deployment status for every endpoint in your network. The solution silently and automatically distributes software packages and updates according to your custom configurations.

And with Action1’s software asset management and customizable reports, you can track updates and software versions across your network.

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Security & Compliance Reports

Having the right software installed with all the latest security patches is crucial to the security of your network and compliance with regulations. Action1’s software deployment tools for Windows help you keep an eye on important security updates from your software vendors, track versions in use across your network, and flag failed installations that can indicate a more serious security issue.

Our fully customizable, granular, real-time reports include sorting, scheduling, exporting, and email functionality. Action1’ automated patch management tools are designed to ensure you can demonstrate to auditors and internal stakeholders alike that your network is protected against cyber threats and is compliant with applicable regulations.

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MSP Solution

Centralize endpoint management and boost efficiency of IT service delivery.

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Patch Management

Identify and deploy missing OS and third-party software updates.

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Software Deployment

Distribute software and updates across managed endpoints.

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IT Asset Inventory

Keep a detailed inventory and manage hardware and software assets.

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Remote Desktop

Support users via seamless remote desktop connection.

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Unattended Access

Provide administrative support and manage remote devices.

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Endpoint Management

Run PowerShell, custom scripts, reboot computers and restart services.

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Integrate Action1 RMM to your IT ecosystem.

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Reports and Alerts

Conduct endpoint security audits with comprehensive reporting.