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What Is Software Distribution?

Software distribution is the process of deploying business applications and other software to all the endpoints in a network. A secure software distribution system can enable you to accomplish this critical task from a central location without any intervention from end users.

In fact, modern software distribution tools empower admins to automate and monitor the delivery of any software across the entire network of managed endpoints. Moreover, they enable admins to monitor installed software, prohibit the download or use of certain applications, and deploy software patches — all from a central dashboard without needing to leave their own desk

Software distribution tools’ primary purpose is to give an admin the ability to automate and monitor the delivery of any software across the network of managed endpoints. It also gives admins the ability to monitor installed software, deploy patches, prohibit the use or downloading of certain software and blocking certain — all from a central dashboard without admins needing to leave their own desk.

Automated Software Distribution Tools

Streamline software and update distribution in your organization with Action1’s automatic software distribution solution. Enhance IT team efficiency and user productivity by:

^ Automating software deployment to remote computers
^ Scheduling application deployment to minimize disruption for end users
^ Keeping a central software repository of installation packages in the cloud
^ Gaining visibility into software inventory and update logs

Why Is Automated Software Distribution Vital for Organizations?

Today, organizations of all sizes rely on a wide range of software for daily operations. Distributing and managing those vital applications manually is an impossible task, prone to delays, errors, and omissions that can hurt both user and IT productivity and leave the organization vulnerable to security breaches. With automatic software distribution, managing the endpoints and software that connect to your network is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

With Action1’s automated software distribution system solution, your IT administrators can streamline the deployment and management of any software. It also gives them a bird’s-eye view of all the software that users in your network have installed.

Benefits of Software Distribution System for Windows

With Action1’s software services and systems distribution tool, you are able to:


  • ^ Save time, effort, and money by automating software distribution and patching.
  • ^ Dramatically reduce costly errors and omissions in your software installation and update processes.
  • ^ Reduce risk by monitoring all the software in use across your entire network, from popular applications to firmware and more.
  • ^ Making onboarding of new users quick and easy, thanks to a central repository of all the software your organization requires.
  • ^ Have the flexibility to leverage a variety of software distribution methods according to your needs.
  • ^ Minimize impact on user productivity by installing and updating the software on their devices automatically and silently.

About Action1’s Automated Software Distribution Platform

flexible computer inventory program

Cloud approach to automatic software distribution

With a central cloud-based dashboard, you are able to automate the software deployment process across your entire fleet of managed endpoints without VPN. Action1 streamlines your software deployment workflows, going far beyond what command-line tools like WMIC and PsExec can offer. Because Action1 doesn’t rely on Group Policy, you’ll have no problems deploying software to endpoints regardless of their geographical location and corporate network connectivity.

flexible computer inventory program

Centralized cloud app store

With a centralized app store that has all the most popular software installers already loaded, you can get started with your software deployment from the moment you sign up with Action1. You can add any proprietary or other software you need to the platform and have it automatically deployed to specific endpoints at the time you choose.

flexible computer inventory program

Visibility into IT assets

Keep track of which endpoints have software that needs to be updated and get alerts on potential security risks and productivity issues. Spot unwanted or dangerous software and automatically uninstall it without any hassles. Action1’s peer-to-peer (P2P) software distribution infrastructure and Windows Update Delivery Optimization work together to make software deployment more efficient and not place strain on network bandwidth.

flexible computer inventory program

Minimum downtime for the end-users

With Action1’s software distribution system, IT admins can schedule updates and software distribution in order to minimize disruption for end-users. If a particular endpoint is turned off, the Action1 endpoint management solution will start the deployment process once it is turned back on.

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