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Hardware Inventory Management System

Keeping your business battle-ready today requires complete, accurate, and reliable hardware and software inventory management. Action1 delivers all the capabilities you need to achieve comprehensive IT hardware and software inventory management:

^ Automatically discover and inventory IT assets in real time
^ Easily manage configuration changes
^ Gain detailed insight into IT assets lifecycles and manage them effectively
^ Achieve full control and visibility with real-time alerts and audit reports.

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Benefits of Action1 Hardware Inventory Tool

hardware inventory system

Ease of reliability through automation

  • Automatically discover devices and get immediate, hands-off data on all IT hardware
  • Swiftly assess the status of each piece of hardware and strategize updates, maintenance, and replacement on an ongoing basis
  • Minimize downtime by eliminating unreliable and inefficient manual processes
  • Provide a better experience to your teams with processes and hardware they can truly rely on.

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Complete IT asset lifecycle management

Get all the details you need to ensure that each device is functioning at its best. Use the insights to generate service desk tickets for maintenance, repair, and replacement work and to support end-to-end efficiency across your entire device landscape. The Action1 hardware inventory system is designed to be comprehensive, so it will remain your go-to solution even as your business needs change.

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Comprehensive insight and understanding

Gain a full picture of your IT infrastructure and your hardware inventory by using our RESTful API to integrate Action1 IT hardware asset management software with your current service desk and other solutions. Feed data directly into these tools to achieve a snapshot of your hardware infrastructure in real time. This visibility supports you as you identify areas for development and investment, facilitating a long-term view of your hardware inventory as it evolves and scales.

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Intuitive cloud dashboard

Action1’s cloud-based architecture enables you to manage remote endpoints and hardware inventory from virtually anywhere in the world directly from your web browser. Support remote employees and manage remote office hardware infrastructure without a single on-site visit. Connect the managed devices to your network by installing the Action1 agent and no longer rely on the corporate LAN connectivity.

Hardware and Device Inventory Management: Frequently Asked Questions

What is device inventory management?

Device inventory management is the monitoring and management of all of the hardware devices on your system. It includes keeping on top of device usage and status to help plan business strategy and budgets.

Action1’s solution is designed to be far more than a bare desktop inventory tool, however. It delivers actionable insight in real time so that you can promptly take steps to keep all of your devices and hardware running in the right way.

Why do businesses need a system inventory tool?

Without the insight and data provided by a hardware inventory program, it is difficult to optimize your infrastructure in the short term and nearly impossible to do so for the long term. Devices need to be monitored and maintained throughout their operational lifecycle, and then retired and replaced. What’s more, infrastructure performance needs to be examined in real time so that inefficiencies can be ironed out promptly.

In short, data-driven understanding of IT inventory is essential for a business to scale and grow. Action1’s solution delivers this understanding in an accessible and actionable manner.

How does the hardware inventory utility work?

The Action1 IT hardware inventory tool gathers data from linked devices and hardware in real-time. Automated functionality conducts network scans, swiftly identifying devices and bringing them online. The solution then continues to utilize automated scanning and analysis to achieve remote monitoring and management for the long term.

You can set alerts and commission audits on the status of all linked devices. Meanwhile, the automated core of the Action1 platform provides notifications when potential problems are identified, flagging any inefficiencies so that your team can guarantee high levels of performance and effectiveness from your hardware infrastructure.

Does the Action1 desktop inventory software integrate with other solutions?

Because modern organizations rely on multiple business-critical software solutions, it is crucial for hardware inventory management tools to integrate smoothly with these systems.

Action1’s hardware inventory tools are designed with this integration in mind. For example, automated network scans are integrated with service desk platforms to generate service tickets. And the solution integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to provide wide-ranging insight into business performance.

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