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Computer Inventory and Management Tool

Manage your computer inventory from an intuitive cloud-based dashboard. The Action1 dashboard is easy to use, provides a comprehensive insight into your IT assets, and even enables you to execute commands in real-time:

^ Automate hardware and software asset discovery
^ Manage configurations of endpoints
^ Effectively manage IT assets lifecycles
^ Achieve and prove compliance with cybersecurity standards.

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Benefits of Action1 Computer Inventory System

computer inventory management system

Growth-oriented computer inventory management system

Your computer inventory system needs to support your business as it grows and changes, keeping you on top of all new hardware and software, including third-party applications. The Action1 IT asset inventory solution can automatically discover and monitor all hardware and software on your network, so you can manage it effectively and efficiently.

computer inventory program

Support a complex and diverse network

Action1 gathers data on your managed software and hardware automatically and provides real-time insight on an intuitive cloud dashboard. You can track status and changes, manage configurations, and deploy and uninstall software as required.

computer inventory tool

Visibility to IT assets inventory

Always know which endpoints have software that needs to be updated and get alerts on potential security risks. Detect undesired or harmful software and immediately uninstall it in one click without any nuisances. Action1’s peer-to-peer (P2P) software distribution infrastructure and Windows Update Delivery Optimization work together to make software deployment more efficient and not place strain on network bandwidth.

computer inventory systems

Full compliance through automated computer inventory tools

Maintain complete visibility into your software inventory and keep applications properly patched to meet industry compliance standards. Identify and remove unsanctioned software. Generate extensive reports to satisfy even the most fastidious auditors. The Action1 computer inventory program is designed to help you achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance and provide a solid foundation for your business growth and development.

computer inventory systems

Cloud-based architecture

Action1’s cloud-based interface empowers you to manage endpoints and hardware inventory directly from your web browser, regardless of LAN connectivity or geographical location. Connect managed devices to your network by installing the Action1 agent and manage your hardware and software assets remotely without ever stepping foot on site.

Risk-based Patch Management

Discover, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in a single solution
to prevent security breaches and ransomware attacks.

Setup in minutes to reduce your cyber risks and costs: