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Software Inventory Management Tool

Action1 gives you a formidable remote software inventory tool that empowers you to oversee and manage your software portfolio. This automated software inventory tool leverages a comprehensive range of data points and delivers accurate information in real-time to help you make informed decisions about managing your software assets.

^ Gain insight into software installation dates, versions, update schedules, and more
^ Scan for vulnerabilities and deploy updates and patches — all remotely
^ Receive real-time alerts on unauthorized software installs
^ Achieve and prove compliance with key provisions of HIPAA, FISMA, and other regulations.

it software inventory management

What Is Software Inventory?

Your software inventory is a detailed record of all the operating systems, applications, and other software your organization has in place. This includes client-facing solutions as well as tools used by your in-house and remote teams.

Getting a complete and accurate list of all your software solutions even once can be a challenge. But as your organizational needs change and technology evolves, your software inventory will quickly get out of date. Therefore, software inventory is not a one-time task you can solve by running a software inventory scanning tool, but an ongoing process that requires comprehensive software inventory and asset management tools. Without the automation and other capabilities that these tools offer, it is almost impossible to guarantee operational effectiveness and cost-efficiency as your business scales. The Action1 platform is built with these crucial business needs in mind, so you can support your business growth and development in a confident and sustainable manner.

Solve the Key Challenges of IT Software Inventory Management

Is your organization struggling to maintain accurate records of the operating systems, applications, and other software across your in-office and remote endpoints? Action1’s IT software asset management tool platform solution makes it easy to do the job right.

software inventory and asset management tools

The most significant issues companies come across when it comes to software inventory management include:

  • Figuring out what software is being used across the enterprise
  • Identifying unneeded licenses and subscriptions to control cost
  • Being unable to keep on top of software patches and updates
  • Understanding redundant functionality to reduce the number of tools
  • Poor software distribution
  • Unsanctioned software installation by end users.

software inventory asset management tools

Action1’s automated software inventory tool empowers your organization to:

  • Know exactly what software is installed and used across your organization
  • Gain clear insight into installation dates, update schedules, and versions
  • Reliably deploy patches and updates to minimize security and operational risks
  • Conduct vulnerability scans
  • Get real-time alerts on unauthorized software installs
  • Ensure compliance with key provisions of HIPAA, FISMA, and other regulations.

Benefits of Action1 Software Inventory Management Tools

software inventory asset management tools

Full visibility

Access everything from one centralized dashboard hosted in the cloud. No matter where you are, you have comprehensive, real-time visibility into your software estate, including installation dates, version details, update timetables, running services, system drivers, and much more.

software inventory asset management tools

Complete control

The Action1 IT asset inventory system further empowers you with secure remote access and execution capabilities. From your local dashboard of the software inventory tool, you can add and remove software, prohibit access from specific applications, and more — across all your managed endpoints.

software inventory asset management tools

Regulatory compliance

Many regulations — SOX, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, and more — require organizations to understand and control the software in use across the IT infrastructure. Action1’s software inventory monitoring tools enable you to confidently adhere to these mandates and prove it to auditors. In addition to providing a comprehensive inventory of your software, the Action1 solution supports security with real-time alerts and notifications on unauthorized software installs and other anomalous activity, and automated patching and updates that help ensure everything is running as it should.

software inventory asset management tools

Cost savings

Having complete control over your software helps you optimize your inventory to align with your business goals. The Action1 software application inventory tool also offers transparent pricing, unlimited functionality, and zero hidden costs. Organizations with up to 100 endpoints can use the Action1 Windows software inventory tool for free with no limitations.

Moreover, the Action1 platform includes a host of other tools — including remote access, patch management, and software deployment — for easy and unified remote IT management.

software inventory asset management tools

Cloud architecture

Action1’s risk-based patch management platform is cloud-native, so you get remote access to all its capabilities from any location and at any time. In particular, its IT asset inventory tool provides you with maximum visibility and control around the clock, streamlining software and hardware inventory management.

Moreover, the Action1 platform includes a host of other tools — including remote desktop, patch management, and software deployment — for easy and unified remote IT management.

Why Organizations Should Make Software Inventory a Priority

The cloud-native design of Action1’s IT asset management software tools provides your IT department with 24/7 remote access from any location. That helps your company meet the demands that come with the rise of on-demand computing. It’s vital that you stay on top of how you consume IT assets, and you can do that easily with the Action1 tool to keep track of your software inventory.

software inventory asset management tools

Thanks to our software application inventory tool, you can reduce or eliminate:

  • Redundancies in software purchases
  • Security and operational risks from missed software patches and update
  • Unused licenses that drain your budget without delivering any value
  • The risk of violating a software vendor’s licensing agreement
  • Compliance penalties because of lax software inventory management.

How Can Organizations Manage their Software Inventory?

Having a complete and accurate software inventory is important for multiple reasons: security, compliance, IT efficiency, user productivity, business continuity, and more. However, software inventory is not a once-and-done task, because your organization is constantly adopting new applications and retiring old ones, updating their operating systems and migrating to new platforms, deploying new devices and decommissioning old ones, and so on.

Automated installed software inventory tools keep your inventory up to date, so you know exactly what software you have and where it’s installed. But you need much more than just a desktop software inventory scanning tool. For starters, you also need a comprehensive hardware inventory system. And you also need comprehensive control over your software assets, so you can:

  • Promptly spot and respond to unauthorized installs and other anomalous activity
  • Ensure efficient patch management
  • Keep software properly updated
  • Ensure and prove compliance with regulatory mandates.

software inventory asset management tools

Action1’s installed software inventory tool provides your organization with:

  • A comprehensive software inventory
  • Real-time alerts for security support
  • Notifications around unauthorized software and other irregular activity
  • Inventory tracking from purchase to retirement.

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