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Automated Patch Management Solution

Action1 automated patch management software streamlines all patch processes, from scanning each endpoint for missing updates to installing all necessary patches to reporting on deployment status. It enables system administrators to source, test, and deploy multiple patches to any number of remote endpoints in mere minutes — all from a central web-based dashboard. Action1 empowers IT professionals to efficiently manage updates and automate patch deployment to secure IT assets while saving time, resources and budgets.
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Benefits of Using Action1’s Automated Patch Management Solution

We believe in simplifying IT management through automation. Our values and mission are rooted in helping businesses realize and utilize their true IT potential efficiently and cost-effectively. Our automated patch deployment system brings value to your enterprise in the following ways:

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Provides clear visibility into remote endpoints

You can easily identify the versions of software applications and operating systems installed on every end-user device and know exactly which ones are missing important security patches and updates. Centralized visibility into endpoints helps you monitor and manage the patch deployment across thousands remote devices simultaneously.

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Savestime, money, and effort

Manually installing patches on every endpoint is impractical, expensive, and tedious at scale. Automating patch deployment with Acton1 saves your organization’s resources and hassle spent on endless manual tracking and deployment of software updates and eliminates human error from patching processes. And since the platform is cloud-based, fewer IT administrators can manage patches from anywhere across a wider remote IT infrastructure, hence eliminateing costs associated with legacy patching solutions such as staffing, on-premise infrastructure maintenance and travel.

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Does not strain bandwidth usage

The Action1 patch distribution process works parallel with Windows Update Delivery Optimization, bringing the same bandwidth efficiency to the entire update process. Action1 patch management and software deployment use a resource-cautious peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution approach. P2P is an efficient file distribution method that minimizes bandwidth usage and strain on a network significantly reducing delays and downtimes for end-users.

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Easier compliance

Most cybersecurity regulations, standards, frameworks, and guidelines — including GDPR, NIST, PCI, etc. — require a consistent and provable patch management routine and reporting to prove regulatory compliance. The Action1 automated patch management system provides you with in-depth software patching and updates statistics reports that demonstrate your accountability with regulatory compliance.

Action1 Automatic Patch Management Features

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Centralized remote patch distribution

Address vulnerabilities fast and straightforward with Action1 automated patch management — rather than installing hotfixes on each device one by one, administrators can schedule third-party software patching, install Windows updates remotely to all devices at once, and automate server patch management from a single cloud dashboard.

automated patch management software
patch management automation

Flexible patch policy configuration

You can easily customize the patch management automation processes to by defining patch management policies for your organization. Action1 automated patch management tools give you complete control over patch deployment workflows:

  • Identify endpoints with vulnerabilities by automating missing updates detection
  • Prioritize certain updates over others based on severity levels
  • Approve or decline patches manually or automatically
  • Schedule patch deployment to avoid downtime for the end-users
  • Automate patch reporting and update statistics delivery.
automated patch management software
automated patch deployment

Automated patch management lifecycle

Once the initial configuration is complete, Action1 will automatically take overall patch management processes, including:

  • Scanning all endpoints and servers for missing updates
  • Identifying missing or uninstalled patches with version, vendor, and severity information
  • Testing and automated patch deployment
  • Documenting the patching process and reporting on the update statuses and statistics.
automated patch management software
update automate patch deployment

Real-time alerts and notifications

Get real-time alerts and notifications straight to your inbox whenever a new software application update or KB becomes available. You can specify multiple alert rule filters to set up custom reports you’d like to receive as notifications. For instance, you can get alerts whenever a missing critical update is detected or when a pushed update is completed or failed.

automated patch management software

update automate patch deployment

Scheduled update statistics reports

Receive patch and update reports via email. You can easily design a report query using dozens of pre-built templates and set the reporting frequency. For example, you can get a daily report showing details about installed updates.

automated patch management software

What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Patch Deployment?

Patch management is a tedious process, yet it’s only one of the many components of IT security best practices. Most IT security teams use patch management automation to update applications and systems faster and more effortlessly. Timing is everything when it comes to patch management. Installing suitable patches on time could keep the organization safe from getting vulnerabilities exploited.

Let’s look at the main benefits of an automated patch management system and why you should opt for this approach over manual patching:

  • Automation saves you a great deal of time and trouble
  • Minimizes erroneous human interference
  • Provides clear visibility into software vulnerabilities
  • Automatically documents patching processes and outcomes
  • Deploys essential patches as soon as they’re released
  • Simplifies compliance reporting
  • Improves IT productivity
  • Eliminates unnecessary costs

The only downside of automated patch management is that for some patches and software applications there is no possibility to automate the entire cycle. In such cases, part of the process may require some manual effort.

Risk-based Patch Management

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