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Across the company, we are excited about delivering a product that our customers love. We promote a healthy work-life balance, career growth, and friendly office culture. Action1 is hiring to the Marketing and Sales departments in Houston, TX, and to the Engineering department in Irvine, CA.

Cybersecurity DevOps Engineer


  • ^ Design and implement security automation to improve efficiency, performance, and reliability
  • ^ Contribute to the drive towards DevOps methodology with development and maintenance of CI/CD pipelines, automation, and API integrations
  • ^ Contribute to the design/build, test, implementation, and maintenance of integration with other security tools and platforms
  • ^ Ensure services are designed and delivered with a focus on security within broader goals of resiliency, scale, and performance
  • ^ Supports project teams to efficiently ingest data to develop analytics use-cases
  • ^ Documentation and reporting along with presentation, teamwork and wide collaboration are among the expected duties and mission of the task order

Candidate Requirements

  • ^ Knowledgeable in the ways of some cloud provider, preferably AWS
  • ^ Comfortable programming utility scripts, ideally in Python, and willing to pick up some new language familiarity
  • ^ Automation-minded, looking to always let the machines do the work
  • ^ Experienced in some combination of DevOps, Ops, Security Engineering, or SRE
  • ^ Experienced in some combination of DevOps, Ops, Security Engineering, or SRE

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