USB Devices and Removable Media

Ask your questions in plain English, for example: “Who copies corporate files to external USB media?”

While USB devices and removable storage media increase mobility of users, its uncontrolled use poses significant risks for businesses, such as corporate data leaks or lost of users productivity due to viruses and ransomware. Action1 helps IT administrators to mitigate risk of data breaches, protect endpoints from viruses and ransomware and take immediate action on data theft attempts.

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USB Devices and Removable Media

USB storage media, SD readers and other USB devices usage on your workstations.

Take USB Devices Under Control

Controls usage of external storage media for corporate files and protects endpoints from viruses and ransomware by auditing USB devices usage across all computers in your network.

Protect Corporate Data

Ensures protection of business files outside of the organization by monitoring who uses USB removable media.

Google-Like Search

Action1 allows IT administrators to ask questions about their endpoints in plain English and get answers instantly.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Automatic deployment across your entire network in less than 5 minutes. Seamless configuration and maintenance.

USB Devices and Removable Media - Action1