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Patch Management Reporting

Action1 helps organizations implement a reliable and powerful patch management process. It scans your network for outdated software and enables you to distribute patches to multiple remote endpoints in minutes. Patch management reporting compliments this process and makes it traceable and transparent.

Patch management reporting helps:

  • Bring clarity into the IT management process
  • Make informed decisions about your infrastructure
  • Assess your system health state
  • Prove compliance with security standards and regulations such as NIST and ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Action1 comes with the set of patch management reports out of the box:

Update Statistic report:

The patch compliance report provides a bird’s eye view of your infrastructure state. Learn what endpoints haven’t been updated in a while and need your immediate attention. With this report, you can prove that patch management is enforced in your organization and see delivery frequency.

patch management report

Update History report:

The report lists all Windows updates you attempted to deploy. Expand details to monitor successful and failed installations to ensure all the endpoints stay protected.

patch compliance report

Missing Updates report and Missing Critical Updates report:

These reports help you identify missing patches and prove that all the necessary hotfixes were rolled out in case the reports are empty. The base view highlights the update name, release date, severity, support URL, the number of affected endpoints. Expand details to get more information, including the names of the endpoints, update size, and vendor.

patch compliance report

Reboot Required report:

This report notifies you about the endpoints awaiting a restart after patch deployment. Use it to plan your maintenance slots and ensure patches aren’t left behind.

Installed Updates report:

This report outlines all previously installed system patches and hotfixes. Search KB by name and see the number of endpoints where the update was distributed. Expand details to see endpoint names as well as update descriptions, installation dates, etc. With this report, you can prove updates are delivered on time.

patch management reporting

Patch Compliance Report Subscription

Each report can be exported as HTML or CSV —share these reports with external auditors and pass compliance assessment faster. On top of that, Action1 enables you to subscribe to patch reports and send them out to your company authorities or any given email on a regular basis.

Creating a report subscription

Risk-based Patch Management

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