Free Patch Management Software - as-a-Service!

Action1 includes a free patch management tool, which is controlled from the cloud. Action1 performs real-time discovery of all installed Windows updates and patches on all corporate workstations and provides basic patch management capabilities, such as an option to deploy patches on selected systems, install Windows updates and more.


Undoubtedly, maintaining systems up to date and automating patch management is #1 priority of all IT departments. According to most cybersecurity standards, such NIST, CIS, PCI DSS and more, effective patch management is a critical step to secure IT environments from data breaches and other cyber threats. Action1 gives you full real-time visibility into what patches and updates are installed on what endpoints, and more importantly, which mandatory patches are missing. Combined with this allows you to immediately assess the risks and secure all of your endpoints, both managed and unmanaged.


* Free Edition is provided free of charge with limited functionality and technical support.

If your organization cannot use Action1, what other methodologies can be used to perform patch management? Here are the most common methods:

  • 1. WSUS and SCCM: both represent the industry standard for Microsoft patch management. They are full-blown patch management solutions, which can sometimes be an overkill for smaller organizations.
  • 2. WMI query: try running “WMIC qfe” to get a list of installed Windows updates. You can run this command on remote systems to obtain lists of installed patches remotely.
  • 3. 3rd Party Tools: shavlik, IBM BigFix, Kaseya, Solarwinds, SpiceWorks – these are all great tools to look into, based on your budget and resource availability.

Action1 gives us close-to-instant ability to undertstand what is happening across our entire network of endpoints and helps us respond in real-time.

Credit Union in Ohio

Being able to understand which new software is being installed and where is critical for our network of several thousand employee workstations

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Our students love technology. But sometimes they break it too. Action1 allows us to understand all abnormal activities happening on college computers.

Community College in Texas