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Remotely deploy patches and hotfixes on multiple computers in bulk from the Cloud

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Install Patch Remotely  
Install Windows Updates (Patches) Remotely - Free Tool
Remotely deploy patches and hotfixes on multiple computers in bulk from the Cloud

Trying to understand what is patch management? Looking for patch management software? This free patch management tool by Action1 can help to streamline Windows patch management and enable automated patch management processes in your organization.

Patch management (or hotfix management) is the process of planning what patches should be applied to which systems at a specified time and automating the patch deployment mechanisms to install patches and hotfixes on target systems. Action1 patch tool can install patches and hotfixes on multiple computers and streamline software update deployment.

Latest Release: Action1 Endpoint Security Platform 2.0, December 20, 2019.
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Achieve More With Our Integrations and RESTful API

Action1 provides RESTful API and integrates with the following systems so you can get most out of your deployment:

Action1 Integrations

Hundreds of Organizations Worldwide Use Action1 Platform

Midwestern Energy Company

Being a part of the national energy grid infrastructure puts a lot of cybersecurity responsibilities on our company. Action1 helps to implement it.

Midwestern Energy Company

European Construction Conglomerate

Action1 plays a critical role in our cybersecurity strategy. The ability to instantly understand what is happening on your endpoints is priceless.

European Construction Conglomerate

City Government in Georgia

Our city prides on being one of the most digitally transformed cities in the region. Without Action1, the risks of managing the infrastructure were too high.

City Government in Georgia

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Remotely Install Windows Updates
    Install Windows updates and patches remotely on multiple computers from the Cloud
Missing Patches
    Get a complete list of all missing security updates and patches for multiple remote computers
Installed Hotfixes, Updates and Patches
    See installed hotfixes, with name, description, hotfix id, installation date, and installation user for each hotfix
Force Windows Update Remotely
    Remotely force installation of missing critical Windows updates on multiple computers at once
Configure Automatic Windows Updates
    Remotely enable, disable, or configure automatic updates on multiple Windows computers
Windows Updates not Installed
    Get a list of computers which have not been updated (hotfixes have not been installed) for a certain number of days
Restart Remote Computer
    Reboot remote computers in bulk by sending a remote reboot request
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