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Windows Feature Update Deployment

Predictable and controlled Windows upgrade automation
Upgrade Windows 10, Windows 11, upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

Approval-based Windows feature updates: no random upgrades 
^  No manual running of Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant
^  Feature update Windows 10 22h2, Windows 11 and others
^  Secure and trusted: SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001:2022 and GDPR

Setup in minutes to reduce your cyber risks and costs:


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Enterprise-wide Windows feature update deployment

Action1 is a cloud-native Windows upgrade solution that automates Windows feature update deployment. If relying on arbitrary Windows upgrade decisions by users is not an option for your organization, Action1 can enforce an approval-based controlled process to automatically download and install Windows feature updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11. For example, upgrade Windows 11 2022 H2 to Windows 2023 H2) or schedule an upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, without any manual feature update work or scripting of Windows Upgrade Assistant.

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Centrally approve feature updates

Decide when and where to upgrade Windows installations instead of allowing your users to make such decisions at inappropriate times.

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Download and install feature updates

Upgrade Windows 10 or Windows 11, while sticking to the particular version. Such as feature update Windows 10 21H2 to 22H2, but disallow upgrade to Windows 11.

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Automate upgrade to Windows 11

When the time is right, schedule automatic download and installation of feature update to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11.

What is Windows Feature Update?

Microsoft delivers new versions of the Windows operating system by publishing Windows feature updates (Windows upgrades) once or twice a year. Windows feature updates contain major enhancements to the Windows user experience and add new features and capabilities. An example of a Windows feature update is Windows 11 23H1 (releases in H2 or 2023).

Users can download and install Windows feature updates manually, however, this method is unpredictable and it is not recommended in enterprise IT environments. Windows Upgrade Assistant is a tool that can be used to automate the deployment of Windows feature updates, but it requires scripting and does not provide enterprise-wide scheduling, and there is no centralized visibility into the process.

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Inventory of Windows versions

Real-time visibility into every Windows installation in your organization, showing Windows edition and version, OS installation date, along with the hardware compatibility details, such as installed RAM and free disk space.

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Schedule automated deployments

Define groups of endpoints based on network location, AD OU, and hardware characteristics. Assign automations to schedule and enforce Windows upgrades.

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Review Windows upgrade status

See real-time upgrade progress, review and export reports of Windows upgrade status for management. Break down systems by Windows version.

Why customers use Action1 for Windows feature update management

Deploy feature updates without VPN

Upgrade Windows with Action1 cloud-native solution, both office and remote computers – no VPN connection is needed.

Close to instant value

Configure in minutes, not hours or days. Inventory and deploy feature updates consistently without using multiple losely integrated tools.

Avoid unpredictability

Do not let your users decide when to upgrade their Windows to avoid productivity losses and security issues.

Secure and trusted

Action1 is the only integrated Windows feature update management solution with both SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001:2022 certifications.

Upgrade Windows offline

Improve your upgrade success rates by automatically deploying Windows feature updates as soon as disconnected endpoints reconnect.

Cost efficient

No hardware or on-prem software to centralize feature update management. Get your first 100 endpoints free, with no strings attached. Scale up as needed at a flat per-endpoint price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why centralized management of Windows feature updates is important?

With Windows versions going out of support cycles, it is important to stay proactive and enforce centralized Windows OS upgrade processes across your entire enterprise and not rely on end users downloading and installing Windows feature updates or utilizing Windows Upgrade Assistant tool. Remote and hybrid workforce added many challenges on top of what organizations already had to deal with. Without central visibility and control of what Windows versions are utilized, you risk leaving endpoints exposed due to the lack of their support by Microsoft.

How can MSP use Action1 to perform Windows upgrades?

MSP can generate new revenue by offering the Windows feature update management service to their clients, along with patch management, third-party patching, vulnerability management, and other services.
Action1 MSP Windows feature update management tool allows the MSPs and MSSPs to automate Windows upgrades and integrate with other services without using multiple tools. No longer need to:

  Increase employee headcount for Windows upgrade process management.
  Physically visit customer sites to perform Windows upgrades.
  Avoid paying for multiple solutions by having Windows feature update management included in one integrated solution.

Does it cost extra to use Windows feature update management?

Windows feature update management is a feature of Action1 cloud-native solution and there is no extra charge to use it. All Action1 users get their first 100 endpoints for free, fully functional, without an expiration date. Once you are ready to add more endpoints to Action1, just contact sales to purchase a subscription.

How do I get started with Action1?

Start by creating a free Action1 account and then configure Windows feature update management in just a few minutes. Then deploy Action1 agents to your endpoints. Finally, configure automated Windows upgrade schedules or perform bulk Windows feature update deployments with a few clicks.

Review Action1 Quick Start Guide for more information.

Why customers choose Action1

Tame complexity

Get up and running and start getting value in one hour, with a solution that is easy to deploy and just works. No legacy technology and feature overload.

Do it all in one place

Patch businesscritical systems and applications, deploy security software, configure endpoints and maintain asset inventory—all from a single centralized location.

Stay flexible

Implement patch management, endpoint security and monitoring requirements the way your organization needs, with granular, easily customizable policies.

Optimize workflows

Improve compliance rates and maximize efficiency by integrating Action1 with your existing risk management, log analysis and compliance software via a RESTful API.

See phenomenal ROI

Get your first 100 endpoints free of any charges, no strings attached. Scale up at a simple, all-inclusive price without hidden costs or nickel-and-diming.

Get support you deserve

If any issues arise with our PCI DSS compliance software, have them promptly and definitively resolved by our knowledgeable and responsive support.