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What Are The Benefits of Cloud-Based Patch Management?


Legacy Patching versus Cloud-Based Patch Management

Any application can contain bugs that hackers can exploit to access the device and steal sensitive information. Vendors periodically release patches designed to fix the errant code and seal the vulnerable entry points. Updating operating systems and third-party applications are some of the most critical cybersecurity best practices. Nevertheless, legacy patching tools such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) have several pitfalls when it comes to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Legacy Patching Is More Expensive

According to the 2020 TCO Study of Microsoft WSUS & SCCM report, Microsoft endpoint management patching tools require twice as much investment as cloud-native patch management solutions. The on-premise patching tools directly influence the total cost of ownership (TCO) through hidden costs associated with legacy patching such as licensing, software, hardware, staff, and training. According to the report, WSUS and SCCM hardware and operational requirements cost organizations $11 per endpoint per month on average.

On-Premise Patch Management Hinders Operational Productivity

The IT burden goes beyond costs when it comes to WSUS and SCCM legacy patching. It also affects productivity, as manually tracking and patching OS and applications is a tedious, time-consuming routine. Legacy patching solutions prove to be inefficient in sustaining and scaling remote work and hybrid workforce environments. With the shift to remote work and the growing workforce, IT teams with only on-premise patching tools often struggle to protect endpoints efficiently due to a lack of visibility into endpoints and software assets. The response time can be a crucial factor in hardening endpoints against vulnerability exploitation. Without a flexible and accessible way to manage remote endpoints centrally, organizations put their IT infrastructure at serious risk.

Advantages of Cloud Patch Management Solutions

Cloud-based solutions, on the other hand, solve the aforementioned problems. The report stresses that “selecting a SaaS-based patch management solution over a legacy provider minimizes the risk of financial impact.” Leveraging cloud patch management software facilitates effective risk management through automated patch deployment, streamlines IT productivity, significantly reduces TCO and IT cost burden.

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Cost Effectiveness

Cloud patch management solutions require no on-premise visits, no training, and no on-premise infrastructure to maintain. By adopting a patch management cloud service, internal IT and MSP no longer have to set up servers, maintain databases, or curate on-prem patch catalogs, reducing IT-related costs by tenfold.

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Operational Flexibility

Suitable for both in-office, hybrid, or remote workforces, cloud-native patch management tools are accessible from anywhere in the world, require no on-premise infrastructure, and demand minimal maintenance. Regardless of the geographical location, patching remote endpoints management is an effortless task. Cloud-based patch management software requires no VPN connection and enables administrators to manage workflows, install Windows updates remotely, monitor OS and third-party patch statutes, and generate patching compliance reports from a single browser-based application.

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Improved Productivity

IT cloud-based patch management solutions enable system administrators to minimize on-site visits and manage every step of the patching process remotely:

  • Identify missing updates in real-time
  • Configure patch management policies
  • Approve and decline patches based on their severity
  • Automate patch deployment
  • Schedule update distribution without disrupting end-user productivity

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MSP Solution

Centralize endpoint management and boost efficiency of IT service delivery.

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Patch Management

Identify and deploy missing OS and third-party software updates.

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Software Deployment

Distribute software and updates across managed endpoints.

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IT Asset Inventory

Keep a detailed inventory and manage hardware and software assets.

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Remote Desktop

Support users via seamless remote desktop connection.

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Unattended Access

Provide administrative support and manage remote devices.

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Endpoint Management

Run PowerShell, custom scripts, reboot computers and restart services.

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Integrate Action1 RMM to your IT ecosystem.

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Reports and Alerts

Conduct endpoint security audits with comprehensive reporting.