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Start your free trial or use free forever to manage up to 50 endpoints. More details >

Looking for way how to remotely uninstall software from multiple computers in a domain? This free remote uninstall software tool will remotely uninstall software without using tools like psexec, DameWare, UninstallView or running any PowerShell scripts to perform remote uninstallation. It works similar to using wmic to uninstall software remotely (wmic silent uninstall), but provides a convenient and centralize way of managing batch software installs and software uninstalls.

Unlike third-party scripts to uninstall software remotely, Group Policy uninstall software plugin, psexec remote uninstall utility or wmic uninstall software tool, Action1 uninstall tool has the following benefits:
  • • Ability to remove software remotely from computers not connected to corporate network (e.g. a remote machine of a remote employee).
  • • Allows to force removal of unneeded software from turned off computers at the time when such computers are turned on.
  • • Runs in the cloud and does not require installation of any administrative tools or dedicated servers in your corporate network.
  • • Provides a library of most popular software packages to ensure that uninstall a program feature works correctly and does not leave behind any leftover files.
  • • Does not require managed computers to be members of an Active Directory domain.
  • • Offers uninstall software free tool with limited functionality.

Achieve More With Our Integrations and RESTful API

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Hundreds of Organizations Worldwide Use Action1 Platform

Midwestern Energy Company

Being a part of the national energy grid infrastructure puts a lot of cybersecurity responsibilities on our company. Action1 helps to implement it.

Midwestern Energy Company

European Construction Conglomerate

Action1 plays a critical role in our cybersecurity strategy. The ability to instantly understand what is happening on your endpoints is priceless.

European Construction Conglomerate

City Government in Georgia

Our city prides on being one of the most digitally transformed cities in the region. Without Action1, the risks of managing the infrastructure were too high.

City Government in Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I check what software is installed on a remote server?
If you are familiar with psexec and wmic, you can leverage these tools to query remote servers and get a list of installed software. Endpoint management tools can be an option for those who aren’t acquainted with these technologies. Endpoint management tools automate software discovery and enable you to manage remote computer through a user-friendly interface.

2. How to remove the software from a remote PC?
You can use a command-line wmic tool to uninstall programs in silent mode. If you are more comfortable using tools with a graphical interface, then consider employing a software deployment and distribution tool such as Action1.

3. How can Action1 help me uninstall software?
Action1 provides a straightforward interface and enables you to uninstall the software from multiple computers at the same time. Action1 neither requires extensive knowledge of CLI commands nor complicated configuration steps. It forces uninstallation on all your endpoints including those that are not connected to a corporate network.

4. Do I need Action1 App Store?
Action1 App Store is a centralized Cloud-based library of the most commonly used software products. If you uninstall an app, its installation package will remain in the library. In case you need to install a previously removed product again, you’ll get things going in seconds with the App Store.

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