Free Tool: Install Software Remotely (MSI Package)

Remotely install software over network. Deploy MSI software on multiple computers without using Group Policy.

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Install Software Remotely (MSI Package)   Remotely install software over network. Deploy MSI software on multiple computers without using Group Policy.

This free remote software installation utility deploys software without using any specialized software deployment tools and acts similar installing software remotely using wmic, command line tools (such as if you installed software remotely with psexec) or PowerShell scripts to install software silently on multiple computers in your network. Action1 includes this free remote installation software, which allows to perform automated software deployments without using any expensive and complicated solutions.

This action launches installation of an MSI package. The package is specified by either a UNC path (e.g. \\server\distrib\package.msi) or URL (such as The installation is performed under a Local System account in quiet mode. The Reboot Action can be Yes, No or Prompt User. You can specify optional MSI property values in the form of NAME=VALUE (space separated) to supress certain prompts that may cause silent installs to fail. The default property values override the package's reboot behavior (RebootYesNo=No) and force the install for all computer users (ALLUSERS=1). For package-specific property values, download URLs and other technical information, you can refer to IT Ninja Software Library or just Google for "packagename msi property values". The Wait Time parameter controls how many seconds to wait for installation completion before displaying results.

Unlike third-party scripts to deploy software over network, Group Policy install software plugin, psexec msi install or wmic install software tool, Action1 install tool has the following benefits:
  • • Ability to install software on remote computer not connected to corporate network (e.g. a laptop of a traveling employee).
  • • Allows to remotely install MSI to turned off computers at the time when such computers are turned on.
  • • Runs in the cloud and does not require installation of any managing software or dedicated servers in your enterprise network.
  • • Provides a library of most popular installer packages to ensure that silent deployment of applications works corectly.
  • • Does not require managed computers to be members of an Active Directory domain in order for remote deployment to work.
  • • Both installation and uninstallation of software packages is supported on remote computers.
  • • Helps to automate software deployments across all computers of your network.
  • • Includes deploy software remotely free tool with limited functionality.

For installation of EXE packages, please use another Action1 query Install Software Remotely (EXE Installer).

Action1 also provides a how-to article How to Remotely Install Software which describes how to deploy software to multiple computers using command prompt.

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Deploy software remotely from the Cloud

Control network using plain English from the Cloud. Such as type 'deploy MSI' or 'show installed software'.
Get results instantly from live systems and deploy software remotely.

Install Software Remotely (MSI Package)

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