Action1 Endpoint Security Platform Free Edition

Action1 Endpoint Security Platform is entirely SaaS, with online web interface (no management tools to install) and it has zero cost for up to 100 endpoints. Running in the Cloud, Action1 discovers all of your endpoints in seconds and you can query your entire network in plain English. The platform helps IT departments to keep their endpoints secure and corporate data safe by providing up-to-date information on all endpoints in their network:

  • - Which workstations have Dropbox installed or IIS running?
  • - List of endpoints exposing file shares to ransomware.
  • - Show endpoints with remote registry service enabled.
  • - List of workstations having Guest account enabled.
  • - Who copies sensitive corporate data to external USB media?
  • - Check if 'runsomware.exe' or 'putty.exe' processes are running on any of your endpoints.
  • - Users storing sensitive files locally on unsecured laptops.
  • - Systems at risk because of outdated firmware.

Get Instant Access to Up-To-Date Information

All queries are executed in real-time, no outdated information is stored on servers.

Google-Like Search

Action1 allows IT administrators to ask questions about their endpoints in plain English and get answers instantly.

Software as a Service Architecture

Action1 does not require to provision costly servers in local network. A lightweight agent will be deployed automatically on all managed endpoints.

Data Filtering Capabilities

Filter-out data you do not need and focus on what is really important.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Automatic deployment across your entire network in less than 5 minutes. Seamless configuration and maintenance.

* Free Edition is provided free of charge for up to 100 endpoints with limited technical support.