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Action1 5 Blog 5 Empowering Global Enterprises: 6 Key Benefits of the New Action1 Platform

Empowering Global Enterprises: 6 Key Benefits of the New Action1 Platform

November 23, 2023

By Peter Barnett

Empowering global enterprises: 6 key benefits of the new Action1 platform

In today’s remote work environment, managing software updates and security patches has become increasingly complex and crucial for IT teams. Missed updates can lead to serious security risks, opening the door to data breaches and compliance issues. To combat these challenges, our latest Action1 Platform release offers a powerful patch management solution. Tailored for global enterprises in intricate IT landscapes, it significantly reduces Mean-Time-To-Remediate (MTTR) and streamlines remediation processes. With intelligent automation for patching and real-time monitoring of security vulnerabilities across endpoints, the Action1 Platform ensures thorough and efficient deployment. This blog post explores how new release of Action1 Platform not only introduces advanced features but also delivers tangible benefits, enhancing cybersecurity and operational efficiency in your organization.

Seamless Vulnerability Tracking for Enhanced Security

Tackling the ever-changing vulnerability landscape, such as frequent updates like Microsoft Patch Tuesday, can be daunting. IT teams often struggle to track and manage these vulnerabilities effectively.
Action1 Platform offers comprehensive detection of all CVEs for Windows OS. This means a more streamlined and effective way of identifying vulnerabilities, providing clear insights on your dashboard. With this enhanced visibility, IT teams can quickly pinpoint at-risk endpoints and initiate necessary patching.

Action1 Dashboard

Simplified Access with Single Sign-On Integration

The need to manage multiple login credentials for various applications is not only inconvenient but also increases security risks. Action1 Platform offers integrated single sign-on capabilities with Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) via Open ID protocol, at no extra cost. This integration simplifies access management, allowing users to log in using existing Entra ID credentials.

Streamlined Endpoint Management with Enhanced Grouping Flexibility

Managing a large number of endpoints in diverse IT environments often leads to complex, manual, and time-consuming processes.
With Action1, you now can:

    1. Effortlessly Automate Endpoint Organization with Active Directory Integration: Utilize the power of your existing Active Directory setup by automatically organizing endpoints based on OU or security group memberships. This not only streamlines the grouping process but also ensures that your endpoint organization mirrors your organizational structure, all with significantly reduced manual effort.
    2. Customize Endpoint Grouping with Detailed Criteria: Gain the flexibility to categorize endpoints precisely as per your operational needs. Group endpoints using a variety of criteria including user details, serial numbers, model names, and more. This level of detail in grouping allows for a more customized and efficient management of your IT resources.
    3. Enhance Operational Efficiency with Nested and Exclusion Grouping: Create dynamic group structures that truly reflect your operational environments. With the new capability to nest groups and apply exclusion filters, you can, for example, segregate production endpoints from test environments easily. This feature not only simplifies management but also enhances the accuracy of applying policies and actions across different groups.
Creating a new group
These enhancements make endpoint management more intuitive, reducing the administrative burden and enhancing the alignment of IT resources with organizational needs. Our goal is to provide a tool that not only manages endpoints but does so in a way that is inherently aligned with your organizational structure and operational requirements.

Personalized Interface with Custom Branding

A generic interface can make it difficult for organizations to feel a sense of ownership and alignment with their IT management tools. With our custom branding options, you can now replace the Action1 logo with your own and customize end-user prompts, including localizing those in your preferred language.

Data Residency Choices for Enhanced Trust and Compliance

With growing concerns over data privacy and compliance, the location of data storage has become a significant issue for many organizations. Recognizing this need, we offer the choice of data storage location at signup. Whether in North America or Europe, you have the power to choose a region that aligns with your data privacy policies and compliance requirements.

Creating account

Automated Application Updates with Software Repository

Keeping up with the latest application updates is crucial for security but can be a cumbersome process. Our Software Repository, previously known as the Action1 App Store, is a continuously updated private application repository. With the 39 latest additions, it hosts the latest versions of 180+ supported applications, allowing for automated deployment and ensuring that your endpoints remain secure and up-to-date.

Don’t wait, create an account to streamline the entire patch management process with Action1, from identifying missing updates to compliance reporting, across both Windows OS and third-party software. The first 100 endpoints are free with no functionality limitations.

Webinar Recording: NEW Action1 Platform

Watch Mike Walters, President and Co-Founder of Action1, in the webinar recording as he expertly showcases all the new enhancements in the Action1 Platform.

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