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Action1 5 Customer Stories 5 Cloud Contact AI Streamlines Patch Management and Increases IT Productivity with Action1

Cloud Contact AI Streamlines Patch Management and Increases IT Productivity with Action1

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Cloud Contact AI offers a business messaging platform that enables organizations to engage in two-way conversations with their customers in real time via SMS text, email, and voice campaigns.


San Francisco, CA, USA


The Challenge

As a fast-growing tech company, Cloud Contact AI (CCAI) has to provide its employees with reliable, up-to-date IT systems in order to ensure high user productivity and maintain cybersecurity. When COVID-19 hit and a significant number of CCAI employees went remote, the IT department had to work overtime trying to keep remote devices properly patched and provisioned, and provide IT support to remote employees.

“With the new normal of remote work, the number of remote devices we had to support has significantly increased, and keeping them up to date manually became an overwhelming task for our understaffed IT department. More importantly, it was cumbersome and increased the chances of missing patches, which put our organization at cybersecurity risk,” says Joel Garcia, CEO of CCAI. To maintain cybersecurity and improve IT productivity, the company started looking for a cloud-based patch management platform.

The Action1 Solution

Joel chose Action1 for its robust patch management capabilities, along with valuable extras that enable better management and support of remote endpoints, such as the software deployment and built-in remote desktop features.

The Benefits

Streamlined patch management. With Action1, the IT team can ensure that corporate systems and devices are up to date and secure. The IT team can automate patching by setting up policies for all devices — both remote and office-based — across different time zones. They can prioritize the most critical patches and get alerted about missing ones. All in all, Action1 reduces the time the IT team spends on patching and minimizes the risk of missing updates to enhance cybersecurity.

With Action1, we were able to establish a robust patch management process in a few clicks. We appreciate that the platform is really easy to use and does not require advanced scripting skills to manage updates.

Joel Garcia, CEO at Cloud Contact AI

Increased IT productivity. Action1 enables CCAI’s IT team to perform many of their tasks from a single console. They can deploy and remove software, inventory software and hardware, and provide their employees with high-quality IT support — across their remote and office-based endpoints. “We can even deploy our own company-specific software and manage updates for it,” Joel adds.

Reduced costs and complexity. Thanks to Action1’s built-in remote desktop, Joel and his team were able to reduce licensing costs and IT complexity by removing the third-party remote support tool they had been using. “We were delighted to discover that Action1 empowers us to provide great IT support to business users without extra costs and unnecessary complexity,” says Joel.

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