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What Is a Managed Service Provider for IT Services?

February 15, 2021

By Peter Barnett

Are you interested in learning about what is the MSP for IT services? Use this introductory guide to help you better understand what they’re all about and how they could be a great choice for providing streamlined IT solutions. We’ll also show you what to look for in a remote monitoring and management (RMM) software for managed services companies.

What Does MSP Mean?

The MSP acronym stands for “Managed Service Provider.” In today’s business world, there are simply too many moving parts. This is especially true when it comes to effective IT operations.

  • Less Optimized Processes
  • Higher Cost of Implementation
  • Security Threats
  • Difficulty Syncing All Technology to Latest Updates

MSPs for IT services ease this burden by providing multiple management and remote monitoring solutions. This way, companies can rest assured they can effectively support their clients without the anxiety and hassle.

What Is Remote Monitoring and Management for MSP?

Remote monitoring and management software offers MSPs several key practices in how they operate:

1. Provide Cloud-Based Functionality

Client-related data must be stored separately and securely with cloud-based redundancy. It must also be easy to follow, track, and access. This will assure accurate, fast access without the need for expensive local infrastructure, LANs, etc.

2. Maintain Privacy for All Access Points

Privacy remains a significant concern for data access and usage. This is especially true with the increase in remote access across the workforce. Effective RMM software for MSP maintains high levels of privacy and security to ensure confidentiality no matter where the access point is.

3. Strictly Adhere to Best Practices in Security

IT security is a moving target. This is especially true with hybrid workforces and multiple access points. Security goes beyond online cybersecurity. It includes the physical security of both in-house data centers and remote devices. All of this must be maintained and updated throughout all deployments and standardized for all hardware and software.

4. Maintain, Monitor, and Update Operational Continuity Plans

Continuity and recovery plans are critical to maintaining uptime and ongoing operations. They must continually be evaluated, tested, and updated based on current challenges.

This goes beyond power outages or other acute emergencies. Situations like the pandemic show why it’s important to plan ahead and adjust accordingly. Remote monitoring and management services absolutely require this key component.

New Solutions for the New Normal

The business world is no longer as simple as one office or local hardware installations. As the pandemic showed the world, we all must make changes to keep the gears turning. From remote work to cloud-based IT environments, so much has changed in a few short years.

Today’s workforce operates remotely on a variety of different devices, and everyone demands a stable, functional solution. Hybrid staffing still requires secure operating environments and synchronized systems. This has only increased in importance as the virtual workspace has grown in scope and complexity.

This is why integrating an RMM for MSP is critical. It provides these sorts of integrated solutions custom-fit to your organization’s requirements.

Making It Work for You

In the end, the best method to achieve this goal is to also include an RMM for MSP. Including this critical aspect will ensure that all parts are working to support each other. And that support will bring you peace of mind no matter what the world throws at us.

Action1 provides a wealth of streamlined, functional cloud RMM tools for MSPs. From security compliance to real-time visibility, you can enjoy peace of mind in your organization’s IT operations.

To learn more about what Action1 offers, contact our sales department.

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