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Top 5 Must-See Features in Action1’s Latest Release

March 6, 2024

By Peter Barnett

The February 2024 release of Action1 introduces a new approach: ‘Patching That Just Works.’ This reflects our ongoing effort to listen to user feedback and continuously improve product performance. True to our operational philosophy, we’ve been rolling out quarterly updates packed with features suggested by our users. Additionally, we’ve developed advanced metrics and workflows to boost the success rate of patch deployments, aiming to minimize any disruption to your business processes. These efforts have led to a consistent 99% success rate in patching, helping to address vulnerabilities on managed endpoints effectively.

Let’s take a closer look at the five key features introduced in this update:

1. Direct Access to Audit Trails

Audit trails are now directly accessible within the Action1 Console, offering a user-friendly view exclusively available to Enterprise Admins. Filter options include organization (or entire enterprise), event type (e.g., Remote Desktop, Login), date range, and other audit event parameters. Additionally, the Action1 RESTful API now supports audit trail records, enabling easier integration with SIEM tools like Splunk and Datadog.

Audit trail

2. Advanced Endpoint Group Filtering

The platform now supports advanced criteria for automatically grouping endpoints using both AND/OR logic. This allows for more precise segmentation, such as differentiating between servers and workstations based on disk size. This new filtering capability leverages a familiar logic system, akin to the one used in custom report filters, to provide a more flexible and efficient grouping mechanism.

3. Expanded Single Sign-On (SSO) Options

With the addition of Okta to its list of SSO providers, Action1 enhances its authentication options. This update includes the ability to bypass Action1’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when an external identity provider is used, streamlining the login process. The R&D team is working on supporting more identity providers (e.g., Duo, Google) and, as usual, feedback and votes for these features are encouraged.

Creating a new group

4. Single Reboot Efficiency

Action1 has refined its approach to managing reboots during updates, ensuring that only one reboot is required per automation cycle. This not only makes the update process more efficient but also applies a consistent reboot policy across different applications and custom script-based actions within the software repository.

5. Enhanced Patching Process

The update brings improvements to the patching process, particularly in displaying the severity of security updates and integrating MS Office/365 vulnerability information into the Remediation Wizard. Additionally, automation history logging has been enhanced for better clarity and insight into the patch management process.

Additional Note: Simplified Verification and Account Management

For new or small-scale users managing up to 100 endpoints, the verification process has been streamlined to minimize friction while ensuring security. Furthermore, Action1 introduces a transparent and secure process for account closure and data deletion, catering to

The latest Action1 Platform update marks a significant step forward for Action1 in providing a more accessible, secure, and efficient platform for IT management. These updates deliver highly requested features and mark the Action1 concept, ‘Patching That Just Works,’ aiming to provide a benchmark patch management solution strongly aligned with user needs.

Don’t wait, create an account to streamline the entire patch management process with Action1, from identifying missing updates to compliance reporting, across both Windows OS and third-party software. The first 100 endpoints are free with no functionality limitations.

Webinar Recording: NEW Action1 Platform

Watch Mike Walters, President and Co-Founder of Action1, in the webinar recording as he expertly showcases all the new enhancements in the Action1 Platform.

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