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Priority One Automates Remote IT Operations across 1,700 Endpoints with Action1 RMM

Houston, Texas, September 2, 2021

Action1 Corporation, a cloud-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution provider, announced today that its innovative RMM system enabled managed service provider (MSP) Priority One to enhance operational effectiveness and deliver excellent IT service to its clients, while achieving significant time savings. 

Priority One is a London-based MSP that has been serving SMBs in the United Kingdom since 2007. As its business grew, Priority One started looking for a replacement for its RMM software, which was too complex and cumbersome to manage the 1,700 endpoints it was now responsible for.  

Jon Abbott, CEO at Priority One, chose Action1 RMM because it is a cloud-native platform with a wealth of remote endpoint management features, including scripting, application management, and software inventory. 

Using the software, the MSP has gained the following benefits:   

  • Streamlined remote endpoint management. With Action1 RMM, Priority One can manage and patch Windows and third-party software, inventory software across customers’ endpoints, and deploy sophisticated scripts to maintain configuration settings and automate setup of new devices.  
  • Improved IT productivity. Thanks to Action1 RMM’s extensive remote IT management capabilities and ease of use, Priority One team saves significant time on routine tasks, dramatically improving operational effectiveness. 

    We particularly benefit from Action1 RMM’s scripting power: The platform has helped us fully automate our workstation build process — making it 9 times faster whilst increasing quality. All in all, it has enabled us to support our customers more effectively.

    Jon Abbott. 

    We are delighted to support MSPs in their mission to deliver exceptional IT service to their clients by providing a powerful and easy-to-use RMM tool.

    Mike Walters, President of Action1.

    To read the case study, please visit: www.action1.com/priority-one-dramatically-increases-operational-effectiveness-with-action1-rmm/

    About Action1 Corporation

    Action1 provides a cloud-based solution for remote monitoring and management (RMM) that includes automated patch management, remote desktop access, software deployment and distribution, IT asset inventory, network monitoring, reporting, and more. The company was founded by Netwrix cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters in 2018 to give companies and MSPs worldwide a modern alternative to traditional on-premises solutions that do not function in remote workforce scenarios. For more information, please visit www.action1.com or call 1-346-444-8530.

    About Action1 RMM Solution

    Action1 RMM is a cloud-based Remote Monitoring & Management software created for MSPs and IT professionals to manage remote endpoints, mitigate cybersecurity threats, and support end-users. Action1 RMM enables users to manage and monitor endpoints centrally, schedule, deliver and install patches on all the required workstations simultaneously from virtually anywhere in the world.

    Start your free two-week trial of Action1, or use RMM tools for free forever on 50 endpoints with no functionality limitations!

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