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NEW Action1 Platform Webinar

December 21

12 PM EST / 9 AM PST

About the webinar

Join this webinar to discover how to minimize the risks of cybersecurity breaches and vulnerability exploitation with the NEW Action1 Platform. We will deep dive into the greatest of the 400+ new features and improvements, including:
^ Patch compliance dashboard. Get a high-level view of pending critical updates, update approvals and reboots required to complete patching, and drill down into details.

^ Granular update policies. Tailor update deployments to your organization’s needs based on update sources, types, names, vendor wildcards, security severity, and more.

^ Endpoint details. Drill down into details on a specific endpoint, such as its CPU, memory, disk space, installed software and missing updates.

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Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Technical Product Engineer

Sean Carroll has 10 years of IT experience working in MSP and internal IT environments, giving him a deep understanding of day-to-day IT operations and what an IT team needs to be successful.