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Meet New Action1: Real-Time Visibility, Improved Security Controls, and More

December 9, 2021

By Peter Barnett

As remote work continues and cyberthreats increase, MSPs and internal IT departments need remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools that give them complete visibility and control over their endpoints and enable them to secure and support their remote or hybrid workforces.

We are delighted to introduce the updated Action1, which empowers IT teams to achieve this goal even more efficiently. Here are the key new features and enhancements.

Real-Time Visibility into Vulnerabilities and IT Assets

The updated Action1 includes major improvements to reporting, including a much-requested enhancement: instant custom reporting. Now users can easily create new reports or customize any of the hundreds of predefined reports to get detailed real-time intelligence about vulnerabilities, IT assets, and missing updates for both OS and third-party apps. Action1’s powerful platform collects the requested data from thousands of remote and office-based endpoints within a few seconds.

There are plenty of use cases for this feature. Internal IT departments and MSPs can leverage it to improve security posture, maintain compliance, and streamline IT productivity. In particular, it unlocks myriad possibilities for MSPs by helping them communicate the value they are delivering to their customers more effectively.

Stronger Security Controls and Easier Integrations

Action1 now supports more options for embedding multifactor authentication (MFA). Customers can now choose the MFA provided via Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Google Authenticator, Duo, or other apps. This enhancement gives them more flexibility to minimize the risk of data breaches.

We are also pleased to announce that Action1’s RESTful API now supports OAuth 2.0 protocol — the industry standard for secure access. With this update, customers safely integrate Action1 with other software.

Enhanced Remote Desktop Compliant with Modern Data Privacy Standards

Today, most organizations are subject to data privacy mandates that regulate how sensitive content may be stored and shared with any third parties, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Failure to comply with applicable standards can lead to steep fines and lasting reputational damage. The new Remote Access settings in Action1 help organizations avoid compliance violations, such as accidental sharing of sensitive data with third parties, by enabling admins to specify whether to prompt a user to accept their remote connection request and how long the user has to decide whether to accept that request. This enhancement also minimizes interruptions and lost productivity for users. Plus, admins can now immediately see which user logged in currently and identify the computer that requires IT support, further reducing downtime for remote users by speeding the resolution of their IT issues.

Plus, the Remote Access feature remains built into Action1, so organizations do not have to pay for any additional licenses to deliver top-notch remote assistance — and those with fewer than 100 endpoints still get it for free.

Streamlined Patching and Deployment of Proprietary and Third-Party Applications

Action1 has always empowered customers to seamlessly manage software on their remote and office-based endpoints. Now, the platform further simplifies the deployment of proprietary and third-party applications you choose to add to the Action1 App Store.

Specifically, customers now receive highly detailed instructions during the installation process to minimize the risk of errors and downtime during deployment. Moreover, Action1 now supports multi-file application packages.

Getting Started with Action1

The updated Action1 is packed with enhancements that make remote IT management even easier and more secure for IT departments and MSPs alike, and we’re delighted to release it.

The new version is available now. Sign up today for your two-week free trial, or use the Action1 platform for free for up to 100 endpoints forever, without limitations or hidden costs.

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