HOWTO: Disable File Sharing Windows 10

Folder sharing is provided for file sharing, for example, in a home network between a computer and a laptop. If necessary, you can close the shared access to the disk, partition or a specific folder, in the presented guide discusses how to disable shared access to folders in Windows 10. Consider one of the ways to close public access to folders using the fsmgmt.msc snap-in. In Windows 10, using the fsmgmt.msc snap-in, you can not only close the shared access to drives and individual folders, but also get information about shares, active sessions, and open files. This article show how to disable File Sharing Windows 10

1. Open the fsmgmt.msc:

   - To open the fsmgmt.msc snap-in in Windows 10, press the Win + R key combination, type fsmgmt.msc, click the OK button

open the fsmgmt.msc

2. Stop Sharing:

   - In the “Shared Folders” window, in the left menu, select “Shares” (see Screen 2), and on the right, select the shared folder to which you want to close sharing, right-click on it and click the “Stop Sharing” button in the context menu (see Screen 3). When you close the shared access to the folder, it will disappear from the list of shared resources.

Stop Sharing

Also consider using Action1 to disable file sharing if:
- You need to perform this action on multiple (hundreds or even thousands) computers simultaneously.
- Some of your endpoints are laptops not connected to corporate network at all times.

Action1 is a cloud-based platform for software deployment, software/hardware inventory, patch management, endpoint configuration and more. It is free with basic functionality.

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