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Action1 5 Company News 5 Action1, New Startup Founded by Netwrix Veterans, Targets Endpoint Security

Action1, New Startup Founded by Netwrix Veterans, Targets Endpoint Security

Houston, Texas, July 27, 2019

The two co-founders of Netwrix, Alex Vovk, and Mike Walters, established Action1 Corporation with the vision of extending into the fast-growing cloud-based cybersecurity market. Netwrix is well known for its market-leading visibility platform for cybersecurity and risk mitigation. After building Netwrix for almost 12 years from the ground up to a very successful technology business and ensuring the successful transition of strategy to the new CEO, the visionary entrepreneurs went on to create Action1 to further extend into the hyper-growing cybersecurity ecosystem to endpoints and the cloud.

Action1 is a cloud-based lightweight RMM solution that discovers all of your endpoints in seconds and allows you to receive real-time alerts and retrieve live security information from the entire network using plain English queries, with a Google-like experience, right in your web browser.

Alex Vovk was named the CEO of Action1. He has a Ph.D. in information security and will bring more than 20 years of business and technology experience. Mike Walters joined the company as President to run a product strategy. Previously Co-CEOs of Netwrix, Mike and Alex built a very successful cybersecurity business and plan to replicate and scale Netwrix’s astonishing success in this new company.

About Action1

Action1 is the provider of the #1 secure and easy-to-use risk-based patch management solution that delivers real-time visibility into vulnerabilities and IT assets. It delivers security risk mitigation via policy-based patching and deployment of OS and third-party software, and includes a remote desktop compliant with modern privacy laws. The company was founded by Netwrix cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters in 2018 to give companies and MSPs worldwide a modern and secure alternative to legacy on-premises solutions that do not function in hybrid workforce environments.

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