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New Cyber Security Startup Targets Fast Growing Endpoint Security Market

Houston, Texas, June 5, 2018

Action1 Corporation, founded by a group cybersecurity veterans based out of Houston, TX, will develop innovative Cloud-based endpoint security offerings.

Action1 Corporation, a cloud-based RMM solution provider, today officially went out of its stealth startup mode and introduced its product strategy and vision for the future of cybersecurity.

“The most recent data breaches, such as the well-known Target breach or JPMorgan Chase data breach have left the world cybersecurity professionals alarmed,” said Maurice Torres, VP of Product Strategy at Action1 Corporation. “It is becoming apparent to the industry that traditional IT security technologies designed for the old-school perimeter-based environments are no longer adequate to defend against modern day threats and security risks associated with remote and distributed work environments.”

Action1’s product management team designed a unique product strategy and created a blueprint for its future technology that will help to tackle security challenges the organizations are facing, such as proliferation of unsecure cloud technologies, growing fears over insider misuse and ever-increasing regulatory compliance requirements.

According to the most recent Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report, the majority of security incidents start at the endpoint level. Protecting the organizations’ endpoints in real-time becomes paramount. On the other hand, just like the world had moved away from printed newspapers with yesterday’s news to real-time online news, organizations need scalable and streamlined approaches to security assessments and compliance enforcements that work in real-time, and don’t operate on yesterday’s security data. This is the only way to reduce threat response times from days and months to hours and minutes, before attackers gain enough ground to expand their attack surface into the entire organization. The goal of Action1 is to create a scalable endpoint security platform that works in real-time and requires no extensive deployment.

About Action1

Action1 reinvents patch management with an infinitely scalable and highly secure platform configurable in 5 minutes that just works. With integrated real-time vulnerability discovery and automated remediation for both third-party software and OS, peer-to-peer patch distribution, and IT ecosystem integrations, it ensures continuous patch compliance and reduces security and ransomware risks – all while lowering costs. Action1 is certified for SOC 2/ISO 27001 and is trusted by thousands of enterprises managing millions of endpoints globally. Action1 was founded by cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters, who previously founded Netwrix, which was acquired by TA Associates.

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