Action1 5 Company News 5 Updated Action1 RMM Automates Mitigation and Remediation of Security Vulnerabilities in Hybrid Work Environments

Updated Action1 RMM Automates Mitigation and Remediation of Security Vulnerabilities in Hybrid Work Environments

Houston, Texas, July 7, 2022

Action1 Corporation, provider of the #1 secure and easy-to-use remote monitoring and management (RMM) cloud-native platform, today released a new version of Action1 RMM. The new features empower MSPs and IT departments to mitigate and remediate security vulnerabilities on their managed endpoints faster and more efficiently — as required to secure and support today’s work-from-anywhere workforce.

New features:

  • Automated reusable policies. IT teams can automate policy-based endpoint management and vulnerability mitigation using the Script Library, which includes dozens of ready-to-use scripts and can be supplemented with custom ones. The pre-built scripts help IT teams maintain secure device configurations and streamline vital security tasks in hybrid work environments, such as remotely wiping data from a lost or stolen computer.
  • More control over the patching process. IT teams can deploy patches to remediate security vulnerabilities on their endpoints in a more streamlined manner, thanks to simplified testing of new policies and the ability to customize the schedule for rerunning actions and policies on endpoints that were previously powered off. Improved reporting makes it easier to ensure that anti-virus applications are up to date on all endpoints.

Hybrid work makes it difficult to manage endpoints effectively and promptly patch critical flaws that threat actors are eager to exploit, since using known vulnerabilities is an easy way to break into organization’s systems. The new version of Action1 RMM allows IT teams to decrease the mean time to remediate critical security vulnerabilities and prevent security breaches and ransomware attacks.

Mike Walters, President and co-founder of Action1.

The new version is available at It is free for the first 100 endpoints.

About Action1 RMM

Action1 is the provider of the #1 secure and easy-to-use cloud RMM that delivers real-time visibility into vulnerabilities and IT assets. It delivers security risk mitigation via policy-based patching and deployment of OS and third-party software, and includes a remote desktop compliant with modern privacy laws. The company was founded by Netwrix cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters in 2018 to give companies and MSPs worldwide a modern and secure alternative to legacy on-premises solutions that do not function in hybrid workforce environments.

Try Action1 Free RMM on 100 endpoints with no functionality limitations or expiration! Why Free?

Unlike many “free” products, Action1 is NOT a disguised free trial bait, and your data is never sold for ads. Every organization – small, large, MSP – gets 100 endpoints free, forever. Subscribe any time to cover beyond 100.

Who benefits and why?

  • Small: Grow big first. We’ll reap the growth benefits together later.
  • Large/MSP: Start small. Subscribe company-wide when needed.
  • Action1: Word-of-mouth displaces old RMMs and propels Action1 to the top.
  • Everyone: Feedback from free users builds the best RMM in the world.

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