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Top 10 Patch Management Best Practices

January 26

12 PM EST / 9 AM PST

About the webinar

With a constantly growing number of disclosed vulnerabilities and a work-from-anywhere workforce in place, keeping an eye on all endpoints can become cumbersome. While patch management may not be the favorite task for IT admins, if done right, the results can become invaluable.

Join this webinar to get a comprehensive patch management guide and learn:

^ How to simplify patching and avoid downtime

^ How patching can improve cybersecurity and user productivity

^ How to approach patch management in a few simple actionable steps

^ Top 10 patch management best practices

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Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Technical Product Engineer

Sean Carroll has 10 years of IT experience working in MSP and internal IT environments, giving him a deep understanding of day-to-day IT operations and what an IT team needs to be successful.