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Patch Assurance

The Best Patch Success Rate in the Industry
At Action1, patch management isn’t just a feature; it’s a science. Every day, our engineers meticulously work to make our patching as good as it possibly can be. Our Patch Assurance technology is a set of architectural decisions, know-hows and processes that makes Action1 a patching solution with the best patch success rate in the industry, with no compromise on our clients’ security.

Advanced Cloud-Native Architecture

Our cloud-native architecture is at the heart of Action1’s technology, enabling us to guarantee a 99% patch success rate. This robust infrastructure ensures that your systems receive timely updates with minimal disruption, no matter the scale.

Comprehensive Malware Scanning

Before any patch reaches your systems, it undergoes thorough malware scanning with over 50 different engines. This exhaustive screening ensures that we detect and pause any updates with potential threats, safeguarding your infrastructure against malware.  

Continuous Coverage for Offline Endpoints

Connectivity issues shouldn’t compromise security. Action1 platform automatically detects when offline endpoints reconnect, and promptly executes missed patches. Thus, every device remains secure, regardless of its connection status. 

Expert-Managed Software Repository

The Action1 Software Repository isn’t just another database—it’s a work of art. Managed by our team of expert patch management professionals, every update undergoes rigorous testing in a secure environment. We ensure that only the most reliable and safe patches reach your devices. 

Independent from Insecure Repositories

We prioritize security above all, which is why we do not rely on potentially vulnerable community-maintained repositories like Chocolatey or Winget. Our independent approach protects you from software supply chain threats, giving you peace of mind.

Focused Expertise in Patch Management

Unlike broad, unfocused IT solutions that dilute their effectiveness, Action1 zeroes in on patch management. We don’t just check boxes—we deliver depth, focusing all our efforts on maximizing patch success and enhancing your cybersecurity resilience. 
With Action1’s Patch Assurance, you’re not just updating software; you’re fortifying your defenses. Experience a patch management solution that’s as dedicated to security as you are.