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List of Windows services with name, display name, description, path, process id, status (started/stopped), start mode (auto, manual or disabled), Windows service account and more

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Pull a list of Windows services from multiple computers in real-time and apply filters, such as list only startup services or show services running under a specific Windows service account. This free tool is a centralized alternative to using Windows Services Manager (services.msc or command line tool sc.exe), PowerShell script (get-service cmdlet) or WMI query (wmic service).

Once you have the Windows services list across all of your workstations, you can remove or disable certain Windows services or change Windows service startup modes (i.e manual or automatic). You can also enable alerts to create a simple Windows services monitor that notifies via email you when Windows services accidentally stop. Or alert when someone changes Windows service configuration, such as disables Windows Update service.

Latest Release: Action1 Endpoint Security Platform 2.2, May 4, 2020.
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Achieve More With Our Integrations and RESTful API

Action1 provides RESTful API and integrates with the following systems so you can get most out of your deployment:

Action1 Integrations

Hundreds of Organizations Worldwide Use Action1 Platform

Midwestern Energy Company

Being a part of the national energy grid infrastructure puts a lot of cybersecurity responsibilities on our company. Action1 helps to implement it.

Midwestern Energy Company

European Construction Conglomerate

Action1 plays a critical role in our cybersecurity strategy. The ability to instantly understand what is happening on your endpoints is priceless.

European Construction Conglomerate

City Government in Georgia

Our city prides on being one of the most digitally transformed cities in the region. Without Action1, the risks of managing the infrastructure were too high.

City Government in Georgia

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