Free Tool: Set Share Permissions

Configures permissions on shared folders remotely on multiple Windows computers

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Set Share Permissions   Configures permissions on shared folders remotely on multiple Windows computers

Use this action to grant permissions on network files shares remotely instead of using command line tool to manage shared folder permissions (such as "net share grant" command or set-smshareaccess PowerShell cmdlet). It can also remove Windows share permissions entirely.

File share permissions control who can access a specific network file shares (such as read, write or have full control) in addition to NTFS permission set on the file and folder level. Action1 can manage share permissions on multiple Windows endpoints remotely, such as change share permissions from Everyone-Write to Everyone-Read or remove share permissions completely so no one can access it.

Sign-up for Action1 Free Edition to receive real-time alerts and view instant data from your endpoints, such as alert on Set Share Permissions created, deleted or modified or run live or scheduled queries with the ability to export to CSV or Excel. Action1 Endpoint Security Platform is entirely SaaS, with online web interface (no management tools to install) and it has zero cost for basic functionality. Running in the Cloud, Action1 discovers all of your endpoints in seconds and you can query your entire network in plain English.

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Set Share Permissions

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