Free Tool: Runtime Information

Suspicious processes, CPU/memory utilization and other runtime information.

Action1 Customers

Suspicious Processes
    Displays most common suspicious processes running on Windows endpoints, showing process name, command line, executable path and more.
Computers with Runtime and Memory Information
    Shows computers with number of processes, number of users, free physical memory and free virtual memory
Local Time and Time Sync Issues
    Checks time on remote computers and helps to diagnose Windows clock sync issues
Malware Detection
    Scans all Windows endpoints for processes with suspicious malware attributes and shows process names, activity and more.

Sign-up for Action1 Free Edition to receive real-time alerts and view instant data from your endpoints, such as alert on Runtime Information created, deleted or modified or run live or scheduled queries with the ability to export to CSV or Excel. Action1 Endpoint Security Platform is entirely SaaS, with online web interface (no management tools to install) and it has zero cost for basic functionality. Running in the Cloud, Action1 discovers all of your endpoints in seconds and you can query your entire network in plain English.

Endpoint configuration management in the Cloud

Manage endpoint configuration using plain English from the Cloud. Such as type 'Windows services' or 'reboot computer'.
Get results instantly from live systems and run automated actions.

Runtime Information

Find more information on Runtime Information at Microsoft TechNet.