Free Tool: PCI DSS: Requirement 1

Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data


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All systems within organization’s card holder data environment (CDE) must be protected from access from untrusted networks. Firewalls represent key protection mechanism for networks, because they control the flow of traffic into and out of sensitive network areas and devices. Your corporate firewalls and routers may already provide great level of protection. However, as it pertains to endpoint protection, maintaining appropriate desktop firewall configurations for cardholder data protection remains a challenge due to the unknown risks of network connections that bypass established network topology. Examples include mobile device connection tethering or accidental usage of unsecure wireless networks setup in the same building.

NOTE: This requirement is included in the PCI DSS category called Build and Maintain a Secure Network and Systems.

1.1: Firewall and Router Configuration Standards
    Assessment of desktop firewall configurations within a cardholder data environment
1.2: Restrict Connections Between Untrusted Networks and CDE
    Examination of desktop firewall configurations to verify that connections from untrusted networks to workstations in CDE are restricted
1.3: Prohibit Direct Internet Access to CDE
    Examination of desktop firewall configurations to verify that no direct access is allowed between the Internet and endpoints in the CDE
1.4: Personal Firewall Software
    Install personal firewall on devices that connect to the Internet outside of internal network, but also used to access the CDE

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PCI DSS: Requirement 1

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