Free Tool: Open Windows Network File Shares

Lists open network file shares with name, description, shared folder path, status for all open shares

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Open Windows Network File Shares  
Open Windows Network File Shares
Lists open network file shares with name, description, shared folder path, status for all open shares

Open Windows shares usually present great security risk and many types of Ransomware scan for open Windows shares in order to spread the infection across networks.

This free tool views all network shares so you can close unsecure open shares to deter Ransomware and other security threats. It allows you to find hidden shares on network, find shared folder paths. Use it to centrally view all network shares instead of listing Windows open shares from command line (net view), running PowerShell scripts (Get-CimInstance Win32_Share cmdlet) or WMI queries (wmic share) on all workstations on your network. You can also create alerts when new file shares are open and receive emails when your users share any new folders.

Latest Release: Action1 Endpoint Security Platform 2.0, December 20, 2019.
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Midwestern Energy Company

Being a part of the national energy grid infrastructure puts a lot of cybersecurity responsibilities on our company. Action1 helps to implement it.

Midwestern Energy Company

European Construction Conglomerate

Action1 plays a critical role in our cybersecurity strategy. The ability to instantly understand what is happening on your endpoints is priceless.

European Construction Conglomerate

City Government in Georgia

Our city prides on being one of the most digitally transformed cities in the region. Without Action1, the risks of managing the infrastructure were too high.

City Government in Georgia

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