Free Tool: Non-Indexed Network File Search

Non-indexed network file search to find files on all workstations, such find all PST files on remote computers


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Non-Indexed Network File Search   Non-indexed network file search to find files on all workstations, such find all PST files on remote computers

Performs slow, non-indexed search to find files on all workstations. It extracts file name, size, creation date and modification date. Includes an option to search removable drives currently attached to endpoints. You can use this free network file search utility instead of a PowerShell script to search for files, such as find PST files on all remote computers.

Each query filter supports multiple wildcard parameters, separated by commas. For example, you can either specify a set of drives to search (C:\,D;\) or use .PST,.OST to search all drives on the endpoints for PST and OST files. Folder Names parameter supports environment variables in the following format: $env:VARNAME (such as you can specify $env:WINDIR,$env:ProgramFiles).

NOTE: This network file search query can take substantial time to execute (sometimes hours) and utilize significant resources (CPU, disk, memory) on the searched endpoints, depending on the scope of search. For this reason, alerts are not supported for this query. It's recommended to schedule it to run overnight or just wait for the results by clicking Refresh (not Run, to avoid re-starting it from scratch) after a while. For faster searches for files on remote computers and alerting, please use the indexed version of this query, which is capable of performing much faster and efficient searches on limited search scopes.

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Non-Indexed Network File Search

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