Ends (kills) process on remote computer

Stops Windows process, similar to using Windows taskkill command on multiple remote computers at once. This free tool ends process or application remotely and you can use it instead if utilities like pskill or taskkill or PowerShell scripts to stop any process on selected remote computers. Action1 can come handy to view malicious programs (like a remote taskkill GUI) and quickly terminate them on the entire network with a single click.

Sign-up for Action1 Free Edition to enable IT workload automation and orchestrate job scheduling. Action1 allows to run manual and scheduled batch processes and actions centrally across the entire network. Action1 is entirely SaaS, with online web-based interface (no management tools to install) and it has zero cost for basic functionality. Running in the Cloud, Action1 discovers all of your endpoints in seconds, allowing you to manage your entire network by running queries and executing actions in plain English.


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Run Application with Command Line
    Execute remote program on multiple endpoints (similar to psexec remote command)
Install Software Remotely
    Remotely install software over network
Force Installation of Windows Update(s) Remotely
    Force installation of one or more missing critical Windows updates
Configure Automatic Windows Updates
    Enable, disable or configure automatic updates on Windows endpoints
Install Patch Remotely
    Deploys patches or hotfixes on multiple computers in bulk
Remotely Install Windows Updates
    Install Windows updates remotely on multiple computers
Remove Startup Program
    Removes startup programs remotely from multiple computers
Run Remote PowerShell Script
    Run PowerShell script or batch file on remote computer without enabling remote PowerShell
Uninstall Software Remotely
    Remotely uninstalls software on multiple computers
Start Windows Service Remotely
    Starts Windows service remotely on multiple computers in bulk
Stop Windows Service Remotely
    Stops Windows service remotely on multiple workstations
Add or Change Startup Program
    Adds program to startup or changes startup programs on Windows remotely
Restart Windows Service Remotely
    Restarts Windows services on multiple remote computers
Change Service Start Type Remotely
    Set service startup options, such as Manual or Automatic
Shutdown Remote Computer
    Run remote shutdown command on multiple computers
Restart Remote Computer
    Reboot remote computers in bulk by sending a remote reboot request
Delete Windows Service Remotely
    Deletes Windows service remotely on multiple computers
Remove Drive Mapping
    Delete mapped network drive remotely on multiple computers
Delete Network Share
    Remove shared folder from Windows network
Block or Allow TCP/IP Port Remotely
    Close (block) or open (allow) ports on multiple remote machines
Lock Remote Computer
    Remotely lock multiple workstations
Hibernate Remote Computer
    Hibernate multiple endpoints at once
Sleep Remote Computer
    Put multiple Windows workstations into Sleep mode
Delete User Profile
    Deletes Windows user profile remotely from multiple computers
Set Environment Variable
    Sets environment variable remotely or removes it from multiple machines
Run Disk Check Remotely
    Remotely starts chkdsk command on multiple computers
Delete Files Remotely
    Deletes files and folders on multiple remote computers
Set Network Adapter Configuration
    Remotely changes networks adapter settings, such as IP address, default getaway and more
Run Scheduled Task Remotely
    Runs scheduled task on remote computer
Remove Local Group Member
    Remotely removes user from local Administrators group or any other local group
Deploy Antivirus Software Remotely
    Remote deployment tool for common antivirus products
Deploy Registry Changes Remotely
    Remotely adds registry key or set registry value on multiple computers in bulk
Delete Scheduled Task Remotely
    Removes specified scheduled job from multiple computers
Clear Event Log
    Clears event logs remotely on multiple Windows machines
Create Scheduled Task Remotely
    Creates a new scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler on multiple computers
Set Share Permissions
    Configures permissions on shared folders on multiple Windows computers
Enable or Disable Network Access Quarantine
    Disables network access for a workstation, allowing only Action1 agent to communicate
Map Network Drive Remotely
    Maps a shared network folder to a local drive letter on multiple computers
Change Local Account Password Remotely
    Changes local admin password or any other local account password on multiple computers
Enable or Disable UAC Remotely
    Enables or disables User Account Control (UAC) on multiple endpoints
Enable or Disable Network Adapter
    Remotely enables or disables network adapter on multiple computers at once
Join or Unjoin Domain Remotely
    Remotely joins multiple computers to domain or unjoins them
Add or Remove Static Route Remotely
    Adds or removes a static route in Windows routing table
Set Time
    Sets time remotely on multiple computers
Block USB Ports Remotely
    Blocks USB ports on multiple workstations to restrict USB device usage
Force Group Policy Update Remotely
    Refreshes Group Policy by forcing Group Policy update (gppdate) remotely
Reset Network Adapter
    Resets network adapter remotely on multiple workstations
Add Network Adapter
    Remotely adds a new network adapter
Create Local User Account Remotely
    Creates a local user account on multiple computers at once
Send Network Popup Message
    Remotely sends a message to all logged on users
Unlock Local User Account Remotely
    Unlocks local Administrator account or any other local Windows account
Enable Local User Account Remotely
    Remotely enables local administrator account or any other local account
Disable File Sharing
    Remotely turns off file and printer sharing on multiple endpoints
Rename Computer
    Changes computer name remotely
Disable Local User Account Remotely
    Disables local user accounts remotely, such as disables local guest or administrator account
Wake Up Computer Remotely (Wake-On-LAN)
    Remotely sends a wake-on-lan (WOL) packet to multiple computers
Connect via Remote Desktop
    Remotely enables remote desktop connection and allows to connect to remote desktops
Add or Remove Network Printer
    Installs network printer remotely or removes printer remotely on multiple computers
Change Time Zone
    Changes time zone settings remotely on multiple computers
Add Local Group Member
    Remotely adds user to local Administrators group or any other local group
Delete Local User Account Remotely
    Removes a local user account (such as local administrator account) from multiple computers

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